Zero Waste in Los Cabos

A group focused on re-use and education

Zero Waste Los Cabos is a group of women that want to support and create positive changes for the environment. The trio believes that educating the community about pollution and excessive use of single-use materials is vital towards saving and caring for this part of the planet.

"We live in Los Cabos and the three of us love diving. We live such different lives and have different tastes, but our love for the ocean has united us to create this movement," said group leader, Daniela Ortiz.

Because most similar non-profit organizations do not have websites, they can be found in a Facebook group or page, which Zero Waste Los Cabos is listed on Facebook social media along with Zero Waste Community Los Cabos, and two other separate Zero Waste Communities. So make sure you’re looking at the correct one.

The “Zero Waste Los Cabos” philosophy encourages the re-utilization of each and every resource. Stressing the importance that every material can be reduced, recycled or reused in a safe and environmentally-friendly way.

The purpose of this philosophy is consuming only what is truly needed in order to stop the massive production of disposable materials. Zero Waste means nothing goes to waste. The goal is that nothing ends up being garbage in our ocean or polluting Earth. 

The Zero Waste Los Cabos ladies have visited local elementary, junior high school and high schools educating young minds about how to care for the earth and specifically, the beaches and communities of Cabo.

On a February 17 visit and talk at CECyTE 05, the Zero Waste group covered the problem of plastic pollution that we face in our daily lives, with the students of teacher Conchita Cabrera.

One of the parents who personally thanked the group for their February 17 visit, Layu Li said, "Young people need to be aware all their actions involve reactions. And they can positively or negatively affect our planet. Thank you for sowing the seed of responsibility in them."

The women have also shared tips on how to plant a garden with vegetables that grow in 60 days. Green, orange and red-colored veggies such as Cilantro, carrots, spinach, beets, squash, lettuce, radish, and thyme. The group also shares important political issues that affect the environment in Los Cabos and ask members and friends to sign petitions that will protect The Natural Protected Areas of Mexico in this region. 

Of course, like everything else on the planet, the Zero Waste Los Cabos, community outreach and educational efforts were placed on hold once the Coronavirus quarantine took effect in late February/early March. Now that Los Cabos has been recently re-opened, the environmental conscience group will return to their efforts of keeping Cabo free of waste.