Would You Walk 100 Miles For Cancer?

Then put your feet where your mouth is and do it

Baja Good Life is promoting a 100 mile trudge through the desert to raise awareness of and to fight cancer. The club is an informational membership organization that sells insurance and discount cards and promotes trips around San Felipe and Mexico.

walk.jpgHey, there are some nice people who live out there in the cactus of San Felipe, you can share your paper with them once in a while. They don’t have a nice paper to promote their events like you do, so let’s help them out.

The Baja Walk 100 is allowing five days to get ‘er done. It starts on the north side of San Felipe on Wednesday, March 2, and finishes in downtown San Felipe on Sunday, March 6. Yup, woulda been more fun to go somewhere, but it is what it is.

 Rachel Pack, honcho of the Baja Good Life Club, is the force behind this, and says it is “fully supported.” That means there’s a sag wagon for quitters, band-aid stations along the way, snacks, water, shady rests, and bathroom breaks every five miles.

You camp out in four pre-designated campsites out in the cactus, socialize with fellow sufferers, and with friends and family who may want to drop by in the evening with extra socks or beer or whatever is most needed.  Rachel promises every night there will be parties with entertainment. No word on the s’mores.  “The point is to promote a healthy and fun experience as a way to address the dramatic problem that cancer is, while sending 100% of all the pledges and donations to the San Felipe Cancer Society and the Mujeres Que Viven, AC”, is the way Rachel explained it to us. Hmmmm.....it doesn’t sound hopeful there will be a beer wagon following anywhere close behind.

You will need to pay $35 per day/per person and you are asked to  raise a minimum of $100 per person by passing the hat around to your friends and family. It’s for cancer! Who can say no to that?

They also need lots of volunteers, including people to set up the camp every night and people to hand out cups of cold water along the way, interpreters, logistical helpers and health care providers. (Anybody can hand out band-aids for blisters.)

 This would be a fun way to enjoy a good hike, sit around the campfire and toast marshmallows, and meet new people. Oh, and it’s for cancer, did we mention that? Who can say no to that?

For more information, contact thebajawalk@gmail.com or go to their very good website at www.bajawalk.com.