This Is Where The Money Raised By Los Cabos Children’s Foundation Went

Ayuda a Corazon de Niño Assists children with congenital heart defects (CHD) with information, resources, medical solutions and social care and attention in the state of Baja California Sur. The organization acts as the main logistic support group for LCCF’s Spirit of Love heart surgery program, providing travel arrangements, lodging and food for the patients and their families. Approved grant: $30,000 dollars.

East Cape Community Urgent Care Clinic. Provides preventative health education, medical and dental treatment to the children and lower income families of the East Cape community. Approved grant: $50,000 dollars.

LigaLiga M.A.C. Offers a helping hand to the low-income families of San Jose del Cabo to ensure that they are well-nourished and have access to medical care and also provide children and adults with the opportunity to continue their education through scholarships. Approved grant: $45,000 dollars.

Red Autismo. provides early detection for autism in children. Assists families, teachers and therapists with educational and nutritional support at their therapy center. Approved grant: $50,000 dollars.

Amigos de Los Niños de Cabo San Lucas. Provides quality health care in Los Cabos to children under the age of 18 who have no other means of receiving care or whose health care provider is deficient in arranging for external medical consultations, organized clinics and assistance in setting up medical treatment for special cases of the severely ill or disabled. Since LCCF’s creation, ADLN has been its main partner for addressing cancer and cardiac illnesses. Approved grant: $50,000 dollars.

Sarahuaro. Runs La Cocina de los Niños which provides daily meals to the most underpriviledged children of a public school in Cabo San Lucas. Approved grant: $12,000 dollars.

Sud California contra el Cáncer Infantil. Based in La Paz and supports teenagers and children with cancer and their families by providing chemotherapies and other medications, as well as tests, supplies and other needs that patients encounter to receive treatment. In alliance with the group “Por Ellas” it has also donated vital equipment to the Pediatric Oncology Unit. Approved grant: $30,000 dollars.

Abriendo Corazones Opening Hearts is a non-profit dedicated to building an accredited pediatric cardiac care program available to all children in the state of Baja California Sur, in collaboration with LCCF, Omaha Children’s Hospital and Medical Center and the BCS state government. Approved grant: $250,000 dollars.

Total :$517,000 dollars invested in one year on the well being of more than 500 children.