What The Hell Are We Doing Here Anyway?

Here’s a poll that will tell you, in case you’re confused about it

What the hell are you doing here? Here is why others have settled in Mexico.

Without getting into a bunch of boring statistics, a recent online survey polling American expats, revealed that the low cost of living, affordable health care, delicious cuisine, and friendly people were some of the most cited reasons Americans settled here in Mexico.  These rationales overcame peoples’ concerns over political stability and safety. Mexico polled second (only to Ecuador) in this little bake off conducted by The Ease of Settling in Index survey by InterNations. They talked to 14,400 people in 64 countries.

The United States leads the expat community in Mexico with 42%, followed by Kanucks 10%, and Limeys 6%.

Nearly 37% of those respondents living in Mexico answered that they are happy with their living conditions, almost double the worldwide average of 19%. Only 39% are happy here? Then why don’t they pack up and go home? Or push further south? Why would they stay where they’re unhappy? Can’t be their employment or their family keeping them here. Hmmmmm....maybe the other 63% are runaway criminals wanted in their home countries? That would be exciting.

Anywho, other reasons we foreigners have decided to live in Mexico are: temperate climate and leisure activities. There are nearly five times as many American retirees living in Mexico, than American retirees residing in the rest of the world. More than four out of ten U.S.-to-Mexico expats claimed they would probably never live anywhere else. These same retirees cited that the only reasons they would consider moving back to the U.S. would be personal health issues or family problems. (These must not be the same poll-ees who were raving about the health care in paragraph one).