What’s Wrong With This Picture?

fat chick.JPG

Well, for non controversial starters, it wouldn’t have taken much work to paint the graffiti out of the background of the beauty pageant. That crap will now live forever in the scrap books of everyone on stage who had family members snapping their picture.

Now for the more controversial part that will no doubt bring us hate mail: These little girls, and everyone present, are looking up to and admiring a woman who won a beauty pageant in spite of being about 50 pounds overweight. One can take the high road and think, “Isn’t it nice that a fat chick can get validation for not taking care of herself.” Or you can think, “Why are we validating this woman’s lack of  self control and her thumbing her nose at healthy habits?”  What kind of message does this send to the community and especially to those little girls?

You may send your hate mail to carrie@gringogazette.com, I’m used to it. I just shrug it off. But I want you to know that if you send me hate mail, I will know you are one of those people who have a weight problem.  Oh boo hoo.