Welcome To Cabo Pulmo

Next time you visit, stop by the welcome center

Cabo Pulmo is a national park, our only underwater park. It’s known for its reefs and reef fish, offering some of the best snorkeling and diving in the world. And now visitors can learn a little bit more about what’s in this park by paying a visit to the new(ish) welcome center, which opened last summer.

According to Norma Sanchez Reyes, coordinator for Poyectas for Pronatura Noroeste, which runs the center, the center’s full name is the Interpretative Nature and Visitor Center of the National Park of Cabo Pulmo. Phew, that’s a mouthful. The welcome center is located on the main (but dirt) street in the village of Cabo Pulmo. You can’t miss it; there are three towering buildings made out of redwood hued wooden planks, similar to forest park buildings you’d see in the US.

The center is clearly marked with a sign. The entrance is through a gate and there’s a greeter at the front counter of the first building to welcome you. I visited twice, and both times the greeters behind the counter showed up for work, spoke English, and were very helpful.

cabopulmo01.JPGFrom the entrance a walkway leads to the other two buildings which contain 3-D murals illustrating the diverse critters who live at the park. The first building showcases various fishes and plant species that live in the reef system, including 11 species of sharks. 11 species of sharks who live in one park? That could get dicey.

The second building illustrates the many mammals, birds and amphibians that also reside in the region. The murals are colorful and very informative about the biodiversity of the area, with descriptive captions in English as well as Spanish.

As you leave, you’ll see bins provided for the disposal of recyclables. This is just one way the center, which was designed by an architectural firm that’s known for being a leader in eco-friendly design, is helping the environment. The center is also solar powered.

The center is open for field trips, and hosts events as well. This year already the center has hosted three presentations on topics like biodiversity in Mexico and water conservation.

The center is run by Pronatura Noroeste, with the support of: Baja Coastal Institute (BCI) and Protect Natural Areas Commission (CONANP). Construction was by funded by various foundations and trusts. Since the center is not funded by a government agency, it relies on donations and the generosity of its visitors (so leave a few dollars when you visit).     ,

The welcome center is open seven days a week, from 8 am to 6 pm. When you make the trip to Cabo Pulmo, it’s worth a stop to learn more about the area’s rich and diverse ecosystem. For more information, you can email Norma at nsanchezpno@gmail.com or call 612-121-2800.