We Have Yet Another New Brewery

Suddenly we’re lousy with breweries

Los Cabos has welcomed a new craft brewery and bar to the San Jose  neighborhood. The opening ceremony included a red ribbon cutting and a priest’s blessing, (only in Mexico!) of the cozy air-conditioned bar while guests applauded from the outdoor, wood-framed tasting terrace.

Ulises Losson - founder.jpg“The idea of opening my own artisanal brewery was not part of my original career plan,” says Ulises Losson, founder of Losson Brewery.

Ulises was educated in Mexico and Canada, and he enjoyed a successful career as an architect. But in 2012, his path shifted dramatically when he began to experiment with creating craft beers at home just for fun. As his interest and skill developed, he moved the brewing out of his house and into a custom built small brewery structure in his backyard. His passion for the process of creating an ancient drink, full of flavor, aroma and color, expanded with experimentation and he began to redesign classic recipes.

To grow his artisanal beer brewing knowledge, Ulises became a member of the American Homebrewers Association. Through them he participated in seminars and conferences that enabled him to expand his vision and believe that he could turn his hobby into a viable business.

In 2014, he developed a business plan and operations model. However, he encountered a number of potholes on his road to happiness including navigating the complex bureaucratic processes of obtaining the nearly dozen operating permits. that took almost nine months. Then he had to learn how best to import the raw materials and ingredients, trucking them to a remote location like Los Cabos.

At the beginning of 2015, Ulises finally established the corporation of the Losson Brew company with the goal of developing and producing innovative, fresh, high quality craft beers in a variety of unique “born in Baja” flavors and then distribute them throughout Baja and California.

for the grand opening last week he had manufactured eight craft beers, each in a different style. They are currently serving a porter, Ssout, oatmeal stout, black, honeyweizen, pale ale, blonde beers and three seasonal beers: chile, pumpkin and damiana.

Of particular note is their nitro-stout beer.

Losson is the first brewery in Los Cabos to offer the experience of tasting beer with a nitrogenous creamy texture. Also, in an effort to protect the environment by reducing waste, they offer Growlers with a reduced price refill program.

Losson Brewery, born in Ulises’ backyard brew hut, has been a family project from its inception, a dream realized through the love and support of his wife and family. They look forward to welcoming you to their brew pub, and hope you will enjoy the result of their passion for developing fresh, quality artisanal beer in Baja.

The Losson Brewery is open Monday to Wednesday 5:00 pm-10:00 pm and Thursday to Saturday 5:00 pm-11:00 pm. They are located in San Jose at Buena Vista Mza 43 Lte 01 Local 04, Col. Rosarito. There is a map on their Facebook page at #Losson Brew Co. or you can contact them directly via phone at 624-688-1955 or email at direccion@b-losson.com.

Calle Buena Vista. Take the fourlane north of San Jose, turn left on Buena Vista a mile or so past the Pemex at the roundabout.