We Finally Got Some Much Needed Rain

Finally, we’ve got some rain and whether you’re a global warming zealot or not it’s good to see the water table coming back up and the plants getting some agua.  But instead of staying indoors, there are some cool spots that just get more interesting with a little water added in.

La Mision Estuary. La Mision is a beautiful valley every day but for those who enjoy the easy and scenic kayak paddling there, it has been too low lately to paddle from one end to the other.  Now the water is back up and kayaking is back on the agenda.  It’s a truly beautiful experience with the white herons and other bird life flying around, views of La Mision Peak and that feeling of being in a protected lush green water tunnel.  No crocodiles have been sighted recently. 

La Mision Equestrians run regular horse riding trips which ride along the now refreshed mile long body of water and their beautiful rides are famous for crashing through the water from one bank of the estuary to the other.  Where else can you do something like this?

Las Palmas Canyon. Las Palmas Canyon is the park on the south side of the La Mision Estuary (on the dirt road) and the hike up the canyon ends up at a rocky set of cliffs which have little waterfalls and pools that look great just after any rain.  The hike up the canyon is easy and fun for just about anyone.  Bring a picnic.  Watch out for the poison oak at the trail head entrance.

El Salto. A little further down the road on the way to Ensenada is El Salto, which has a clearly marked pull-off on the east side of the road.  Park at the trail head (pay 30 pesos) and hike about 20 minutes paralleling the dry creek bed which is, guess what?, not dry when it rains.  El Salto has dramatic waterfalls and pools and a series of canyon gorges that step down for a truly beautiful show.  Rock climbers only should venture into the gorges however, since one must also climb out requiring technical equipment and advanced climbing techniques.  Still, even at the edge of the canyon, it’s another great place to view water flowing action for a nice day hike and picnic.

The Hot Springs. The final recommendation is where to go when it is actually raining.  The Agua Caliente hot springs in Ensenada are a really fun place to be when it’s cold and the weather is bad.  The seven mile or so road in crosses something like five running streams.  When you get there you see that the design of the actual hot springs pools put them right next to the rushing water of the active creek.  This is designed to feed into the hot springs pools and makes a great visual when the water is really flowing in the rain.  You basically stay in the hot water up to your neck while it’s raining or however cold with the rushing white water right next to you.  Just lovely.  Bring some firewood and a picnic and you have the perfect rainy day activity you would have never expected to be so fun.

The road to the Agua Caliente Hot Springs is the turnoff from the main road through Ensenada (on the way out of town) just past town where the entrance to the Baja Country Club is.  Keep going after the golf course and follow signs until the road dead ends at the hot springs.  The dirt road is not bad at all for 2wd cars.   $50 pesos to get in for all day, overnight camping is also available.

So when it’s raining, remember to get out and get in it! ,