Viva Mexico! Viva Mexico! Viva Mexico!

grito Ensenada.jpg

Close to 4000 people gathered on September 15 on the town square at the municipal palace, (city hall), to watch as the grito was delivered by Ensenada’s mayor, Gilberto Hirata.

This was the ceremonious cry of Independence marking the 205th anniversary of the independence of Mexico.

He shouts out a bunch of names of heroes of the struggle, then he shouts out Viva Mexico! three times as the crowd shouts back Viva Mexico! all three times. This goes on every year in every town in Mexico and the crowd loves it. Of course the big grito is delivered by the President of the Republic from the balcony of the seat of power in Mexico City. That’s a big ceremony televised all over Mexico, including an impressive array of exploding fireworks.

 In Ensenada hundreds of booths were set up with traditional Mexican food and souvenirs, especially green, white and red memorabilia reflecting the colors of the bandera and of Mexico.