'Tis The Season For Giving

Here is a guide to some worthy local charities

The International Community Foundation (ICF) is a nonprofit organization that works to inspire international charitable giving by U.S. donors, with a special focus on those with an interest in the Baja Peninsula.

The ICF has been providing the Baja California Sur Giving Guide (which you’ll find inserted in this issue) to the BCS region since 2014. Through the publication of the annual Giving Guide, it explains nearly 30 charities that have been vetted, and exactly who they help. The charities span the Baja, from La Paz to Todos Santos, Los Cabos to the East Cape.

These charities include everything from the more well-known Los Cabos Humane Society, Solmar Foundation and Liga MAC organizations, to smaller charities like Los Niños del Capitan, a pre-school, kindergarten and after school center for needy children in San Jose, and Raiz de Fondo, a La Paz organization that builds community gardens in order to teach people about nutrition and sustainability. The organizations listed in the guide focus on the environment, health, education, animals and community development; you can take your pick of causes and support the one (or ones) you feel most passionate about.

The Giving Guide helps provide widespread awareness of the nonprofit work going on throughout BCS. So no more excuses about not knowing which charities to give to, this guide pretty much spells it out for you.

For more information on the ICF, visit www.icfdn.org.