They’re Burning The Bandera!

Celebran en Cabo San Lucas emotiva ceremonia de incineración de banderas.jpg

Children from more than 20 schools were brought to watch the burning of several Mexican flags in the public square. The goal was to instill in the school children some “patriotic fervor and to teach them they are fortunate to live in a free, autonomous and independent country such as Mexico.”

Martin Salinas Cesena, the government delegate in CSL, stressed this ceremony is important because it demonstrates “the highest honors towards the national symbol, the flag of Mexico, the most beautiful flag in the world.”

The flags to be incinerated is placed in a container where the patriotic act transpires, “where the ashes should be guarded or buried as a symbolic return to the womb of the fatherland; the national flag is a sacred object cremated and turned into dust, returning to its origins.

The flag was worn out or damaged, and that is the way flags must be disposed of.