Is there A Plan Here?

Because we’re pretty sick of this stupid detour

We’ve all seen the mess Benny Juarez St. has become with all the recent construction. Well, after only 20 years, we’ve become a fixer upper and the state govrnment has given us $670,000 for rehab.

obras 1.jpgThere is actually a plan, with pictures and everything. Well, more properly called archetictual renderings. The plans call for a nice welcome sign stretching across the main drag, nice new sidewalks that aren’t all crumbly, new lighting, a top coat on the street pavement, and new water and sewer pipes planted underground. The ugly overhead lines will be planted underground, too.

Lastly, there will be stamped concrete finish work in some areas, landscaping, and what is charmingly referred to as street furniture. That would be benches for the drunks to sleep on and trash cans that will seldome be emptied.