Tales From The Hood

Misiones and SunRock


Misiones is divided into two groups … the kind of haves, and the do-not-have-enough. The complex was hit pretty hard by Hurricane Odile, and still to this day has a big black eye, especially at the entrance. There were a few feeble attempts to fix the place up, but that led to squabbles as to who was going to pay for it, so nothing got done and then the whole place was divided into haves and the have nots. 

They even moved the security gate so it only protected the haves. The have nots hired a security guard who showed up now and then, but was mostly interested in staying out of harm's way. He did look a little like something from a Three Stooges movie, and at the end of the day, the have nots got nothing in terms of security. The old management was now only in charge of the 30-something apartments left.

The first major management decision was to double the rents to cover for the electrical deficits as there is only one meter for that side of the building. Airbnb was banished and to add insult to injury, air conditions were banned right in the middle of summer on a building that directly faces east, which made the average temperature in the late afternoon over 110f.

Those who kept their air conditioners lived in fear of eviction and it happened all the time. This kind of management quickly emptied most of the units from their long-term tenants and made way for a younger group of swaggering time share hustlers who worked 80 hours a week and liked to party from sundown on Saturday till Monday morning … loudly, as the security guard quit.

The little remaining staff that stayed are all great people, especially the gardeners and maids who were always willing and able to help with a heavy box of groceries, or when you needed something fixed, which was always. Everything broke down all the time, especially the ancient electric swilling refrigerators. Management was handicapped, but sweet … little was done, but they listened politely. You could usually find the manager over at the bar next to the haves swimming pool. I did not blame him as managing a cash-poor operation had to get old after a while.

To make matters worse, the old security guards refused to do anything for the have nots, other than to snitch on them to the haves' management. It was then that I started looking around for a new place to live when I got into a fight with the local diva and she got me evicted … thanks for that by the way!

Now I am at SunRock Condos and Hotel. This place has excellent management and has a good captain who runs a tight ship. The rents here are the most reasonable in the city and there is a heavy security presence here that are all very professional … compared to what I was used to, it is a wonderful experience.

The very affable Andreas is a big bear of a man who anchors the whole place and is in his forties with a beautiful little daughter. He is a good daddy. Andreas runs the restaurant and he does a great job of serving great comfort foods right from his kitchen to your dining table with his beautiful bevy of gorgeous helpers. Not only is there a decent pizza, but there are also really good tacos and my favorite, chicken schnitzel with a cheesy risotto. He will deliver just about everything you can imagine including the basics of life, like water. Breakfast lunch and dinner, Andreas has your back. I dare you to find a better hamburger and fries anyplace in the hood.

To my mind, SunRock is the best deal in town, run by the best management by people who are actually professionals at what they do … the only thing I miss about Misiones is an ex-Broadway dancer who can drop more names than a stoned Marlon Brando … an old pal of his. More on Wesley in upcoming Tales From The Hood!