Taking Over Solomon's Torch, With A Bit Of Fire From Brian


Samantha Solomon, (Sam) is the daughter of Brian Solomon. He has owned and operated Solomon's Landing Restaurant for over 23 years. Brian started his restaurant as a small taco bar and it has grown into one of the best restaurants in the Marina of Cabo San Lucas, seating 220 people and also provides a sushi side restaurant that seats an additional 50 guests.

Sam grew up in the business and lived full-time with her dad, who made sure she was very well cared for. But not raised entitled like so many successful professionals do when raising their children. Sam, Brian's only child, has worked at Solomon's Landing Restaurant since she was eight years old. This young lady is extremely intelligent, interesting, and street smart. 


At the young age of 26, Sam has over 18 years of experience in their extremely successful family business. Sam has occupied every position in the restaurant with the exception of bartending. At eight years old working at dad's restaurant that has since been featured on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, (often nicknamed the Triple D) which is an American food reality television series on Food Network hosted by Guy Fieri. If you pop into Solomon's Landing Restaurant you can view the interview on one of their large screen T.V.'s and see the delicious food presented by Solomon's Landing on Guy Fieri's show.

USA Today rated Solomon's as one of the top 10 restaurants in the world.  They said, "Premier dining on Cabo San Lucas Marina. This seafood specialist makes for the ultimate landing at Land's End." Solomon's was also voted top Cabo restaurant by Western Outdoor.

Now Sam is the Sub-Director of Solomon's Landing. A place where you can enjoy the best service, food, atmosphere, view, and live music on the Marina of Cabo San Lucas!  Brian is always available for Sam for any type of business advice when needed. They are quite a remarkable team. This team always prides itself on high standards and Solomon's Landing is an impeccably clean establishment, and always above par with restaurant standards.

Renovations are in progress due to Solomon's replacing the palapa in the main restaurant. During the renovation, you may enjoy the sushi side of their establishment, and within a week or so also have partial access to the main dining side which will completely reopen in approximately two to three weeks. Therefore the renovation is expected to be completed before the end of August 2019.

Solomons Landing Restaurant is located on the Marina through the Tesoro Resort Hotel Lobby. Their contact information is 624-143-7606 and you can find them on Facebook at SolomonsLandingLosCabos.