System For Keeping Seniors Home Longer

Unless that one way trip to the old folks home is on your bucket list

More than 80% of the people over age 65 say they want to continue living in their homes as they age, as long as they can be self sufficient and independent. Where the other 20% want to go, the survey didn’t ask. Do you suppose an old folks home was on anybody’s bucket list?

Product_Family_Black_WEB.jpgWell, anyway, as we age we do deteriorate, and if we live alone, things could go terribly wrong.  Some studies say that more than 30% of adults 65 or older fall at least once a year, and 62%  of all fall victims who don’t receive help within the hour won’t be able to live independently after they do get up off the floor. So  unless you want to take care of mom the rest of her life, you have to get her back on their feet fast. She needs to be able to call for help.

To the rescue is new technology in home and health automation that can enable somewhat creaky old people to stay in their own homes longer. It is the evolution of the personal emergency response gadgets that have been around for more than 30 years. 

Retirees in Rosarito love their homes, hopefully you are ocean front or at least have a peek at an ocean view, and so most probably you want to stay there as long as possible.  Here’s how you can put off that one way trip to the old folks home.

It’s a system that provides a way to call for help with the push of a button, 24 hours a day, but also a system that promotes a healthy life pattern and helps you stay connected to your loved ones.  Those in charge of you can keep track your daily routine, like taking your meds, preparing meals, walking, or any other activity you’re supposed to be doing. Your kids can spy on your activities through their cell phones. Well, it’s not spying, it’s showing concern. If you’re up and walking their happy, and they don’t need to know that you’re walking down to the casino and pissing away their inheritance.

This technology is now available right here in Baja.

Serena has a system they call Lively, which they say is a new generation of personal emergency response.  This system provides 24 hour emergency response if the oldie takes a tumble and can still push a button. It also has a system of sensors that nag you to take your meds and that will nag you to get up on your feet and walk.  It is an affordable service that includes its own cell phone connection and an Internet portal to connect you with family.  The company has been certified by the State of Baja Public Safety Communications network for quick and reliable response, as well as collaborative agreements with the Red Cross. 

If you want to learn more, swing by a live demo Tuesday, October 6th, at the Real Del Mar Hotel from 10 to 11 AM, or Monday October 19th at Popotla Restaurant with the same schedule. For more information before that email or call 01 800 030 0070 or from the US 1 877 606 0022.   Yes, they have a website, but never mind, it’s all in Spanish except for two words: Buy Online.  Better you go to the presentation, that will be in your language.