Super Cool Research Ship Visits Our Shores

Scary looking, serious looking ship bristles with electronic gear

Amateur coast watchers around Rosarito are wondering what that strange looking ship is all about that’s been at anchor offshore for several weeks.  The huge vessel looks at first like it might be a tuna seiner out of service.  With a large rear superstructure similar to that used to haul huge nets onto the offshore commercial tuna boats, this might seem like a safe assumption, but no, that’s not it.  A closer examination reveals all sorts of technical radars, on board crane and hauling systems, a huge aft deck, various marker floats, technical sensors and well, some very complicated looking stuff.

Dorado Discovery has been hanging out just off shoreIs it a spy ship of some kind?

 It is flying a Scottish flag. Where is it coming from? Where is it going? And what the hell is it doing here?

The ship is called the Dorado Discovery and it is a very special guest in our waters. The Dorado Discovery is a multi purpose research vessel that’s used for treasure hunting, oil and mineral exploration, sea bed mapping, and location and assistance with shipwrecks.

The Dorado Discovery is the first commercial converted research vessel to conduct deep ocean mineral exploration. With this platform and specialized equipment, the Odyssey team has the capability to perform precision geophysical and geochemical surveys, detailed mapping, sampling, environmental assessments, underwater drilling, and resource evaluations. The Dorado Discovery features survey, geological, exploration, technical and scientific labs as well as refrigerated sample and core storage.

The DD is owned by international commercial vessel operator Hays Ships Ltd from Aberdeen Scotland, weighs in at 5100 tons and was built in the shipyards of Poland.  The Dorado Discovery is operated by Odyssey Marine Exploration, Inc. which is engaged in the exploration of the deep ocean and uses innovative methods and state-of-the-art technology to conduct extensive search and archaeological recovery operations around the world.

All these capabilities beg the questions - “What are they doing in Rosarito? and “Is there some underwater treasure out there?”

We don’t know and nobody will tell us.