Stem Cell Clinic Opens Second Clinic

Looks like first one was successful

PRMedica Clinic is opening a second clinic in Cabo San Lucas inside Blue Net Hospital on the fourlane near Cabo. Their first one was inside Spa Cielo in San Jose, which will continue.

This clinic will focus on facial rejuvenation and anti-aging treatments, using mesenchymal stem cells. Those are the real deal stem cells, not just the PRP b.s. where they take your old wrinkly stem cells out, twirl then around in a centrifuge, and stick them back in you. You want proof that they’re using mesenchymal stem cells. Ask for it. They should show you a little vial that comes out of a cooler.

PRMedica is also into and fibroblast injections. Fibroblasts grown in culture were shown to correct the appearance of aging and wrinkles by replacing lost dermal. This is a sign that autologous cell therapy can be the beginning of a new phase in aesthetic therapy. That injection of skin fibroblasts supplemented with human serum is a viable method and had no side effects. A full treatment can significantly improve skin flaccidity.

PRMEDICA provides professional treatment at affordable prices, and with high rate of success so far. They are the most visible in the field and do most of the work in Los Cabbos.

This second clinic also offers knee replacement, hip and shoulder surgery,  and can often work as an alternatives to invasive and rehab intensive surgeries. Nobody likes shots, but shots are better than knives.

PRMedica offers wellness and beauty experiences for medical tourism and summer is the good time to finally get this done, as flights and rooms are way cheaper. The staff at  PRMedica can help with accommodations, travel arrangements, car rentals and local transportation, making the whole experience easy peasy. And, during these low months of August and September, PRMedica is offering special prices on some of their procedures. Try beating them down further, we say, but don’t tell them we said it.

A four to five day travel package is all you need to return home looking, “rested” as they say. 

PRMexica suggests you call them first, and have a phone chat with the doctor who will see you.  This way you will know if you are a suitable candidate before you spend any money or get your hopes going in a possible wrong direction, The doctors will know what’s the right course for you and you will know going in.


Tel. 52 624 688 8497.