Sponsor A Marlin Tag

It’s U.S. tax deductable and it’s very cool

marlin.jpgThere are seven IGFA Great Marlin Race satellite tags still available for sponsorship. This research initiative, hosted by the International Game Fish Association, Stanford University, and the Bisbee’s Fish and Wildlife Conservation Fund, uses satellite tags to track marlin after they are released.

These harmless pop-up tags fall off the big guy after about six months and the tagged fish that travels the farthest distance from its deployment site, (Los Cabos),  wins the race. But there is not prize money, you’re supposed to be happy with helping the fisheries and getting your tax write off.

The takeaway here is the transmitted data from each tag enhances the data base on billfish distribution, population structure, and biology.

The cost is $5,000 to sponsor a tagged marlin. And, this year’s winner of the Bisbee’s Eastern Pacific Division will earn another IGMR tag, plus a $5,000 base entry for next year’s Black & Blue tournament.

You can order yours by emailing wayne@bisbees.com.