SOUTH: November 26, 2018 | Gringo Gazette

SOUTH: November 26, 2018

Mexican Gas Stations Seeing Changes

Costco opened its first gas station in the state of Guanajuato this week, its fourth in Mexico. The spiffy new station cost $3.3 million. They’re selling Costco’s Kirkland Signature gasoline brand, and sure it comes from the States, but so does most gas.

Our Reporter Travels With Migrant Caravan

Ale was sent by this paper  to embed herself with the migrant caravan, and this is what she took away from It after several days on the road. She also writes the cooking column and the Ask A Mexican piec each issue. She is working her way through University, majoring in industrial design.

Que Pasa in Cabo?

Party time! The snowbirds are back, and so are the usual Gringo parties. Pay attention, write down the following events in ink, and, most important, get your tickets! These are some of the most popular events at this time of the year and some do sell out.

Tips For Using Uber

If you don’t want to drive a car in Mexico, Uber can fill in most any transportation need you have. Unless it’s after 8 pm in Cabo. For now.

But, Uber here is a little bit different, so listen up: