SOUTH: March 3, 2016 | Gringo Gazette

SOUTH: March 3, 2016

Shrimp Season Is Closed!

Does this mean there will be no more shrimp in your shrimp cocktail?  No, not at all.  Most people think the shrimp we eat here in Cabo come from Sinoloa across the Sea of Cortez, but most does not.

All Inclusive Resorts Accused of Harming Local Economy

Merchants in downtown Cabo and San Jose are concerned with the trend to all inclusive hotels. That’s the system of paying up front for a resort vacation, including all the drinks and all the food.

From The Publisher

Gosh, even our precious readers are calling my little chats with you, my “rants”. That’s what we call them around the office, and now that somewhat hurtful and wholly inaccurate description of my literary gems has slipped out onto the streets.

What’s Going On In This Country?

The real estate industry plans to lobby for a renewed discussion in Congress over the elimination of the bank trust foreigners must use to purchase property. The president of the Real Estate Confederation of Latin America said removing the requirement for foreigners to buy real estate with a trust, called a fideicomiso, would detonate sales and have an impact on the entire sector.