SOUTH: February 18, 2019 | Gringo Gazette

SOUTH: February 18, 2019

Cerritos In Growth Spurt

The Cerritos Beach Club, the anchor to the very popular Cerritos beach for more than 10 years, has abruptly closed. Bang! The wooden building is nailed shut, and even the stage Daline Jones and Diego Rivera sang from every Sunday for 10 years has been ripped out of the sand.

Que Pasa in Cabo?

Sea critter guide. The Los Cabos city government presented a booklet titled “Quick Guide to Marine Mammals in Southern Baja” last week, with the attendance of biologists, students and government officials clap clap clapping.

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What's Going On In This Country?

Biggest Train Heist Ever. Teachers in the state of Michoacán have been camping out on the train tracks, so far shutting down 250 trains. They’re demanding money for when they were striking against taking a competency exam.