So, Who Won The Mid Term Elections?

Although our state only had deputies elections this cycle, big things happened at the national level

Mexico held mid-term elections last Sunday, with some surprising results – and some not. At the top of the list of no surprises, of total registered voters, only 47% showed up to choose their government.

Nation wide, the center-right PRI party (that of President Enrique Peña), obtained 28.97% of the votes, the right-wing PAN party (think former presidents Fox and Calderon) 20.92%  and the leftist PRD 10.81%. There were seven other parties , which received scattered votes. One of them the Humanista, will probably lose its registry due to low support.

vote.jpgIt went a little differently here in Baja with the PAN gaining all the  seats in the chamber of deputies with a state wide 28.78% of the votes, the PRI with 17.71%, and the Morena party in third place with 12.86%. In Mexico deputies are voted for by district and every district doesn’t necesarily cover one city but it does cover a geographical area with a certain amount of people in it. There are four defined districts for Tijuana (and one of those includes Rosarito), three for Mexicali and one for Ensenada.

As we go to press, the final results have not been published, but the PREP (Spanish for preliminary electoral results program) had counted nearly 90% of the votes and conceded victory to many candidates. ,