So, Is There Anything Else Going On In Cabo Pulmo?

Nope, not much, that’s why you go there

Cabo Pulmo is about 10 hard miles from the paved road between San Jose and Los Barilles. The village was established in 1987 and has ballooned up today to about 115 souls. The national underwater marine park was established in 1995 in an attempt to rescue the marine life that was in jeopardy of being fished out. That effort has been spectacularly successful, as the marine life has come roaring back. Well, fish don’t roar, but you get the picture. You can rent kayaks there, charter scuba tours, or rent snorkel gear.

pulmosmap.JPGThere are a couple of dive shops there, a couple of restaurants, and couple of places to stay. We would recommend the Cabo Pulmo Beach Resort, which is a pretender to the name resort. Don’t expect resort ameneties, but do expect clean serviceable bungalows on the sand. Look them up, they have a website.

There are also a couple dozen simple, mostly Gringo owned homes there, and a couple restaurants you wouldn’t write home about.

Another way of seeing this marvelous town is to make a deal with a tour company in San Jose or Cabo and van out there. This is if 30 miles of two lane road and 10 miles of dirt washboard are not your thing. But hey! You’ve got a rental, why worry about your undercarriage?

The nearest place of interest is the East Cape Country Club. That used to be a pretty good joke when it was nothing but a taco stand on the East Cape road. Now that it’s grown into a good restaurant and a hotel, it’s not so funny.

Check out the map, what do we look like, a tour guide?