Shopping Center Goes Green

La Paz mall goes Solar. Plaza La Paz, the commercial area that houses Liverpool and WalMart, among other smaller stores, is installing 792 solar panels that will produce 90% of its electricity consumption, which was running them $8,000 a month from the bandit electric company.

The solar panels come from German company Solar World via its base in Oregon, which is the U.S.’s largest solar cell manufacturing facility in North America.

Plaza La Paz’s project covers all common areas but not the individual store units, and is being built at a cost of nearly 600 grand, of which 75% goes to solar panels and the rest (25%, Bunky), to the hurricane-resistant metal structure. Hmmmm....hurricane resistent, not hurricane proof. Wouldn’t want to be downwind of those babies if they take flight. They are nothing but a sail.

The mall expects to recover its investment in eight years as it was paying nearly $120,000 a year for power. A big ribbon cutting ceremony and party is planned for late December, when the project is finished. Maybe. ,