Que Pasa in Cabo?

February 17, 2020

Biker’s Alert!

This weekend, from February 13 to 15, dozens, maybe over a hundred bikers will descend into our famous Cabo San Lucas bay. Many come from the U.S., Canada, South America and Mexico’s mainland every year to celebrate The Biker Week Los Cabos. Their slogan is: "Where Land End and Party Begins," so you know what to expect. The group will be parading up and down Cabo San Lucas, San Jose, Todos Santos, La Paz and Loreto and end up with a huge party at Plaza San Lucas (think Walmart).


U.S. – Mexico Trade Breaks Record

At $614.5 billion last year, the commerce trade between Mexico and the United States recorded an all-time high, according to the U.S. Department of Commerce. Mexico’s exports to the U.S. increased 3.5 percent, while imports from the U.S. decreased 3.4 percent, with a surplus of $101.75 billion in Mexico’s favor. Mexico is now the U.S. largest trading partner, even above China and Canada.


Millions for Improvement and Maintenance

Fonatur, the federal agency that developed San Jose and the Cabo marina, will invest nearly $60 million USD this year in the tourist destinations it has developed since the 1970s. Ixtapa and Huatulco in the Southern Pacific will eat half that money, but $14.8 million will be spent in Los Cabos and Loreto. The agency has disclosed that most of the money for Los Cabos will be spent in modernizing the sewage system in tourist areas. That’s the best news for us.


Can we take more flights?

Nine new flights have just been announced tor this year, four of them being new routes. These are flying in from Nashville, Cincinnati, Cleveland and Pittsburgh, while flights from Atlanta, St. Louis, Milwaukee and Austin will return for the winter season. 

In addition, the great success of the TUI direct flight from London, twice a week with up to 95 percent seats sold out, may lead to a new direct European flight from Spain.


City Express to open more hotels in Los Cabos

The City Express hotel chain, which has focused in the past to mostly city lodgings, is now expanding to beach resorts, starting with Los Cabos and Cancun in the Mayan Riviera.

The Mexico-based company currently has 55 hotels throughout the country and has reached a staggering average of opening 15 to 18 hotels per year and plans to continue that trend in years to come.


Grammy Nominated Recording Artist Performing in Cabo

Vinnie James, who's been called a cross between Joe Cocker and Marvin Gaye and been referred to as “The black Bob Dylan," is now performing a live acoustic set every Friday at 7:30 p.m., at the Baja Cantina in Cabo San Lucas marina.As a performer, James been compared to the likes of Otis Redding, Graham Parker, and Richie Havens. You may recognize the name of Alaska resident Vinnie James from the song he penned for the hit Discovery Channel show “The Deadliest Catch”. Vinnie wrote and performed the song “Always a Rebel” for the show, a song which has since become the anthem for Alaska’s Bering Sea fishermen. Booking a reservation for the performances is highly recommended as Vinnie has a huge fan base and limited space is available. Baja Cantina has been a local favorite for many years, but for those of you that don’t know, it is located on the Cabo San Lucas Marina, the waterside of the Tesoro hotel. For reservations phone +52 624 121 4276.


La Paz to Have a Second Hampton Hotel

In addition to the Hampton Inn that is being built in the north side of town next to the old Grand Baja hotel, investor Miguel Sanchez Navarro acquired the iconic La Perla hotel in downtown La Paz, which will be remodeled and converted into La Paz’ Hampton by Hilton and shopping mall. That should attract more visitors to our state’s capitol city. La Perla’s old restaurant, located on the bottom floor, continues to be one of the locals’ favorite. We hope the new owners do not turn it into a Denny’s with its lousy coffee.


La Paz becoming a favorite destination

Both Forbes and The New York Times published articles praising La Paz over Los Cabos last week.

Its pristine beaches, the bicycle path along the city’s Malecon and the peace and quiet are part of the charm, as well as the existence of prestigious biology institutions where many foreigners either study or teach. To cope with the new celebrity status, La Paz is adding 7 new hotels this year.