Que Pasa in Cabo?

July 22, 2019 Edition

New hotel comes to La Paz.

Named Chable, the $50-million, 48-room hotel is under construction at the Puerta Cortes development, previously known as Costa Baja, has already been chosen to participate in this year’s World Architecture Festival competing with other hotels in the Future project, Leisure Led Development.

Designed by the awarded Mexican architectural firm Sordo-Madaleno, which also designed the Solaz resort on the fourlane between Cabo and San Jose. Oh, the Solaz is also competing in the Hotel and Leisure – Completed Buildings category. The finals will be announced in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, in early December.

Let’s get rid of Mexicans.

Well, not really, but that got your attention, didn’t it? La Paz hoteliers are planning to increase the arrival of more international travelers in the next 5 years due to the opening of more hotels in this beautiful city.

According to the local association of hotels and tourism-related businesses, La Paz currently welcomes 85 percent of domestic tourists and only 15 percent of international tourists, mostly from the U.S., Canada and Japan.

The plan is to increase the promotion in the latter countries, as La Paz has now more luxurious hotels and more are coming soon. The city welcomes many Mexicans, both in luxury yachts and 5-star hotels, but the bulk stay in low-rate lodgings as the room prices vary from $47 to $210 per night, but few are deluxe rooms.

At this time, there are 600 new, luxury rooms under construction, which will add to the existing 1,100. The association does not expect to become another Cabo where 85 percent of visitors are foreign, but would rather have a 50/50 ratio of foreign and national tourists. That will also increase the average room rate and revenue.

More water for Cabo.

The state government is working on two projects that will bring more water for Los Cabos, which will be added to a new desal plant in Cabo San Lucas.

One project is to build a water treatment plant that would convert raw water from the La Palma reservoir into drinking water that would be pumped to residents’ homes. A second project is to build another reservoir in Cabo San Lucas up the hill in the namesake arroyo (dry river bed) to store the huge amount of water that tropical storms and hurricanes leave behind during the summer.

Both projects would add 52 gallons per second and would be delivered to residential zones, not the hotels. If the government says so, we believe it. Hee, hee. The $16 million investment will provide water to some 80,000 inhabitants.

Todos Santos Palapa Society update.

Meet the first Palapa School Grade 9 graduating class of 2019! It’s been quite a year of student achievements:  All grades scored within the top 25 percent at the Mexican Mathematics Olympiad. Our choir performed at the re-opening of the Todos Santos Cultural Center. The Grade 8 team won first place in Physics at the BCS Expociencia Science Expo. A Grade 9 student received a scholarship to study technology and environmental care in Cairo, Egypt. All students participated in extracurricular clubs to study advanced mathematics, music, philosophy, and leadership.

But it doesn’t end here. The Palapa School is continuing to grow, with plans to open the high school, starting with the tenth grade in August. Pending official SEP (education ministry) certification already in progress, The Palapa School will offer an expanded SEP curriculum lead by driven, high-performance teachers who are committed to excellence. Stay tuned for information about the enrollment process and scholarship opportunities.

With your generosity, the group can continue this important work. As they prepare for this next milestone, they need to ensure The Palapa School remains fully sustainable. We now have critical, predictable costs that push well beyond our current fundraising abilities.

How you can help. Their goal is to raise $50,000 USD by August 31. Help power the school through the remainder of the year. Donate today – it’s easy! To make a tax-deductible donation online visit their website and choose either the One-time or Ongoing payment option. For more information, email Info@PalapaSociety.org.

Tourism promotion gets a twist.

Following the elimination of Mexico’s national council of tourism promotion, which got the country to become the #8 destination with most visitors, tourism-related associations got together and came up with another plan. Tourism to Mexico will now be promoted through our embassies and consulates around the world, a total of 154.  Mexico’s foreign relations ministry has agreed to train our ambassadors and subordinates in tourism promotion. The program is now called the Tourist Diplomacy Council and Los Cabos is an active member with both government officials and entrepreneurs involved. The original tourism promotion council was cancelled by the federal government to save money and devote it to improve low-income families’ way of life.