Que Pasa in Cabo?

August 6, 2018 Edition

Cross country foot race. Bring a flash light, as it starts at 8 pm. Run 5km from the Koral Center in Cerro Colorado between Cabo and San Jose. There are three categories of age, male and female. Saturday August 11, entry is about $30.. There will be a party at Koral Center afterwards with music, food and drinks. More info at www.cabosport.mx/fireball. You might want to bring a flashlight. You could also show up in a cute running outfit and just enjoy the party.

Thank you SNAP (spay, neuter & prevention) has had a very successful first seven months of this year. At the July 21 clinic they fixed 50 pets that seemed to be broken. This makes a total for this year of 198. Volunteers and Dr. Cristobal and his assistants pitched in to offer these free clinics. They had their last clinic on July 21 and will resume the clinics starting in October.

Shark Park. The federal government has designated 40 square miles south east of the Baja peninsula as a shark sanctuary. It was being commercially fished, with only six miles around the four volcanic islands safe for the top of the food chain predators. But researchers found that the big guys travel away from the islands as they cruise between the islands, and that's when they're vulnerable. These predators are necessary to keep marine life in balance. And to fuel Hollywood movies.

The Mexican Navy has agreed to patrol the safe area with boats and drones, while the Pew Charitable Trust will peek through satellites. The sharks took it well, breathing a collective sigh of relief, and vowing to stay within the new National Park.

You Think You're Hot? Well, you are, but at least you're not lying dehydrated in the street like 10 pelicans migrating south from the Salton Sea in California. They got so hot they dropped out of the sky. Federal environmental officials raced out and scooped them up, but three had already expired. The remaining seven were transported to a local zoo where they are expected to recover.

According to the state Health Secretariat, 7 people died of heat stroke in northern Baja when temps reached 100 degrees F. and 29 people were sent to the hospital for heat-related illnesses. One person was admitted with severe sunburn. That, no doubt, was a dumb Gringo tourist. Hey! Get off the beach! No matter that you saved for this vacay for a year and you're damned if you'll go home without a tan.

Learn how to make tacos! Take a break from eating tacos by learning how to make them the correct way from Cabo San Lucas local Donna Somerlott, owner of Casa de Colores School of Traditional Mexican Cooking. Depending on the class (from $50 per person), you’ll learn how to cook on a traditional comal griddle or perhaps how to make a tasty mole with a funky chocolate sauce. If you’re the first to sign up, you might even get to pick the day’s menu. Info: Casa de Colores School of Traditional Mexican Cooking, Cabo San Lucas. https://casadecolores.wordpress.com/

We’re on a roll!  Los Cabos is the second best seller of time share, reaching an impressive $700 million in sales last year, according to Miguel Loya, director of business development for RCI. If you haven’t heard of RCI, it’s probably because you haven’t attended a time share presentation lately. The company is the largest time share exchange company in the world.

To the previous statement, Loya added that although Los Cabos only has 16,000 time share units available, we are second only to the Mayan Riviera, whose inventory reaches over 90,000 units. We are also the most expensive but the reviews travelers submit, naming us as far superior in services and product offer than the Mayan Riviera, prove we’re worth it.

The number of time share owners exchanging weeks to or from other destinations also grew 7% last year, to 30,000 units exchanged. That’s 30,000 vacation weeks or about 200,000 hotel rooms occupied during the year.

In related news. The Tourist Attention Center, known as CATCA for the acronym of its name in Spanish and English, reported that during the first semester of the year, they received 186 complaints. A high number, 60 percent, were about time share.

Most of them, said Oscar Manriquez, director of the CATAC, are because the tourists get buyers’ remorse but miss the cancellation period of five days.

Other complaints are against “pirate” timeshare companies that sell timeshares that never existed. The CATCA is following up the latter complaints with the time share association and the attorney general officials.

Hot Potato. The Tourist Assistance and Protection Center, (CATAC) is a fancy pants three story building standing in downtown Cabo right on the marina front. The city, owner of the land, donated the space and agreed to maintain the building. The offices would be filled with city, state, and federal bureaucrats whose job is involved in some way with tourists. And, it sort of is. Sort of. Many desks seem to be vacant much of the day.

Now our city officials have grown tired of this tedious responsibility and are asking the state to take it over. Please. If you are a foreigner who has a problem, give this office a chance to help. Just be aware of the "tourist" in the title and try not to let on that you live here. They say their mission is not to help the ex-pats.

 Cabo’s finest get scholarships. In one more of the continuous efforts to improve our city police, the city government came to an agreement with the local Mundial (World) University to provide a 40% discount to our cops that want to continue their education. As you are reading this, eight police are already studying psychology, law and/or criminology. Add to that 12 more that have already graduated, and it looks like we’re getting better educated cops poco a poco. Little by little.

Homicides? Where? For several months now, there have been no drug-related or organized crime homicides in Los Cabos, reported Julio Castillo, president of the influential Los Cabos Coordinating Council, known as CCC.

During the dark hours of 2017, when we had hundreds of organized crime related killings in our beautiful resort town, the CCC  pleaded with the federal government to send Navy, Army and Federal police to help, and has been paying millions to keep them here, lodged and fed. Our local cops were ill trained, many were corrupt and Los Cabos was on the black list of the U.S. State Department.

About a year later, homicides began to decrease, and just last month came to a halt. The CCC is currently paying for a new Navy headquarters that is being built outside of Cabo on the toll road to San Jose, where more than 200 Navy officers and sailors will be housed.

The state and local police, as well as federal cops, have now switched their attention to home break-ins and car thefts, which really impact most of us more than druggies killing each other off. The problem with this is it’s the same bumblers, not the Navy, that’s supposedly going after the thieves. When the Navy took over was when we got a grip on the druggies.

Hotel project gets a no. A new, six story hotel that would be developed at the entrance to San Jose, next to the Club Campestre clubhouse, was denied a construction permit by the city council.

The lot is the one that used to be a trailer park years ago. The city council based its denial in the existing regulation that the limit to build in that area is four stories.

Sofitel Hotels & Resorts is a chain of luxury hotels based in Paris, France, and owned by AccorHotels since 1980. Founded in 1964 in France, Sofitel quickly developed worldwide to reach more than 200 properties. In 2008, Sofitel became a brand of luxury hotels only, downsized its property count to 89, and created new brands.

What a shame something isn’t built there, as the ocean front property is a weed infested mess. They trailer park looked better than the current state of the property, and the bar/restaurant was great. But everyone was evicted in a big rush like the construction would start tomorrow. This was close to 10 years ago

Who was here this week? It seems that everybody and their parrot (a Mexican saying) visited us.  42-year-old Real Housewives of Orange County star Kelly Dodd was in Cabo, recovering after a short-lived romance with boyfriend Rick Taldykin. That’s OK Kelly, you don’t want a goofy last name like that. Move on. She has recently ended her relationship with the male model and plans to enjoy the rest of the summer as a single woman, spending plenty of time with her friends and is currently enjoying a vacation in Cabo San Lucas, where she’s celebrating the birthday of a friend.

Then Grey's Anatomy actor Kevin McKidd showed up in Cabo, riding the waves while paddle-boarding. The 44-year-old actor was in town for a boy’s trip with pal Steven Pereira at the Grand Fiesta Americana Los Cabos. Kevin and Steven kicked off the trip with surfing at Acapulquito beach and by enjoying the city’s  street tacos.

During the vacation, the guys played golf at Cabo Del Sol and they took a yacht cruise from Wild Cabo Tours, where they went snorkeling and paddle boarding.

Next in line was a long time visitor to Cabo, Courteney Cox, from the “Friends” TV series who jetted to Cabo with fiancé Johnny McDaid for a romantic getaway.  Courteney looked better than ever when she stepped out on Sunday in Cabo, wearing a casual outfit consisting of a plain black t-shirt and ankle-length jeans.

Last but not least, was bride-to-be Sabrina Bryan, who recently celebrated her upcoming wedding to fiancé Jordan Lundberg with nine girlfriends at the Playa Grande Resort in Cabo.

Sabrina is an American singer, actress, author, songwriter, fashion designer, choreographer, dancer, and television personality best known as a member of the girl group The Cheetah Girls.