Que Pasa in Cabo?

March 5, 2018

Help wanted 28 companies from various commercial and service industries held a big job fair in La Paz recently. So critical is the employment situation that 25 more fairs and recruitment events will be held in Baja California Sur by the end of the year. More than 400 vacancies were on offer. Our state has seen a growth of 17.5% last year, making us the fastest growing economy in Mexico.

Poor guy Each year dozens of whale sharks (all teenage boys) swim in to the La Paz bay where they hang out for the winter, much to the delight of our tourists. People go out on small boats, flop overboard, and swim around with them. Unlike whales, the whale sharks ignore people flopping around, trying vainly to keep up with them.

Even though the whale sharks are not fully grown, they are huge. They feed by opening their mouth and ingesting tiny krill. Not people.

Last week, one of the big guys was discovered snared in a chunk of cast off net. He was towed to land and his tummy was examined and found to be empty. He starved to death. Or maybe he drowned. He was also stuck on the bottom, which is very shallow there.

The 16-foot-long whale shark was originally seen in his state of distress on Wednesday, and although whale shark rescuers immediately started searching for him, by the time they found him it was too late. He had been dead for about 24 hours.

Tequila! 20 local charity and civil organizations will be auctioning off bottles of tequila. Each has decorated their own bottles of Tequila Unico, and will auction them at a special event at, where else, the Tequila Library restaurant inside the Breathless resort in Cabo.

The event will take place on Friday, March 16th from 6:00 pm to midnight. Admittance is free, but the starting bid for each bottle is $500 USD. All proceeds will go to the bottle’s charity. Come pick your fave bottle, or your fave charity, and do some good for them.

New Hyatt coming But not until 2022. That’s when the Park Hyatt brand will come to Cabo. It will be built within the Cabo del Sol development and will feature 162 hotel rooms and 28 residences.

The project will include regional gastronomic and cultural experiences tailored to Los Cabos. An example of this is the Milan Park Hyatt, where guests go looking for truffles with the chef and then they come back and prepare them in a risotto together.

Although we have no truffles in Cabo, maybe we can go fishing with the chef and then cook our day’s catch? That sounds like fun.

The nightly cost at the Cabo Park Hyatt will be over $700, way up from the average Cabo price of about $400 a night.

How’s timeshare doing? In 2017, the timeshare industry in Los Cabos sold $700 million, according to Resort Condominiums International, the world’s largest timeshare exchange system.

A senior VP for RCI says Los Cabos represents 16% of all timeshare sales in Mexico and is the second biggest seller in the country. He didn’t mention which destination is first, but we all know it is the Mayan Riviera.

Overall, sales of timeshare in Mexico last year reached a whopping $4.5 billion. Wow! The timeshare industry is expected to grow between 6 and 7 percent this year, which is interesting because it’s a mature market. Even in Mexico there are only 52 weeks in a year. How do they get away with selling each room more than 400 times? The timeshare industry owns the governing industry.

Local hotels pitch in Concerned by the series of drug related killings over the past three years, some local hotels have banded together to pony up $750,000 to build a bigger Navy quarters and bring in 250 additional sailors to support the local and state police.

The developers who pitched in were the owners of the Solmar, Pueblo Bonito and Villas del Palmar resorts. We wonder why Grupo Questro, developers of the San Jose Marina, the Cabo Real resorts and several others didn’t pitch in? Hmm…

The new Navy facilities, which will include dormitories, a restaurant and training area, should be finished around Mother’s Day. The Navy is seen as less corrupt than the Army.

Paparazzi alert! Last week, Academy Award winner Reese Witherspoon visited Cabo with her husband, Jim Toth, and son Tennessee. Tennessee is his name? Was he born there? Oh. No, we get it, wink wink. How is he going to go through life explaining that? And does he go by TN, as the post office shortens it?

On Monday, the actress was spotted hanging out by the pool in a white sunhat as she sipped on a cold beverage.

Also spotted was singer Alicia Keys, who recharged her batteries with a romantic, sun-drenched getaway to Cabo with her husband, rapper Swizz Beatz.

Pueblo Bonito expanding The Pueblo Bonito group will invest a billion dollars in Los Cabos, Mazatlan, San Miguel de Allende, and Cancun over the next 10 years, according to Alberto Coppel, the group’s general director.

Coppel announced the expansion of the Pueblo Bonito Sunset resort and a new Pueblo Bonito inside the Quivira development, which will include a Saint Regis resort.

No olvidar! That’s Mexi speak for “Don’t forget!” The 15th annual Todos Santos Film Festival is coming up March 7 to 11. The festival will feature more than 40 films, three parties, seven special events, two hands-on workshops and special guests. Female directors will be here to celebrate International Woman's Day, along with directors and actors from Mexico, Cuba and Brazil. Films will be shown in the original old Marquez de Leon Theatre downtown. For more information, email Patricia Baum at teampaty@gmail.com or visit facebook.com/FestivalCineTodosSantos.

New overpass going up The intersection known as the Whale’s Tail in La Paz, near the mall on the way to the airport, will get a new $2 million overpass soon. The 545 yard long overpass is currently under construction, so expect a bit of a traffic mess for the next few months. OK, a big bit of a traffic mess.