Que Pasa in Cabo?

April 18, 2016 Edition

Strange fish. An Illinois teenager has quite the fish story to tell after catching a strange looking creature that some say looked more like it came from outer space than the depths of the ocean.

Scott McLaughlin, 18, and his dad Russell were fishing off Cabo San Lucas last week when the younger of the two reeled in the puzzling looking catch. The strange creature had raspy skin, three gill slits on each side of the head, three rows of tiny teeth and it was light colored with a puffed up belly, according to a Facebook post by Pisces Sportfishing Fleet.

McLaughlin said that he and his dad asked their guide what the fish was and he replied that he had “never seen anything like it in 25 years.”

The group kept the fish out of the water for about ten minutes and then tossed it back in thinking it might be endangered.

It turns out the animal was an albino or leucistic swell shark. According to David Ebert of the Pacific Shark Research Center near Carmel, Calif., the shark has a defense mechanism that allows it to puff itself up when it’s stressed. Well, lying in the bottom of some fish killer’s boat is probably about as stressful as it gets..

He said that swell sharks are common in the area off Mexico where the father and son were fishing but that he had never seen one before that was albino or leucistic. (Leucistic means there is a partial pigmentation loss as opposed to the total loss of skin color.)

The expert also said these types of sharks have five gill slits on each side, so if the creature in question only had three it must have had some kind of deformity.

For his part, the teenage fisherman said he gets asked about the shark all the time and is happy that he has proof of his catch. “Every fisherman has a tale; you tell it and no one believes you, but I have a great tale and pictures to prove it,” McLaughlin said.

Tossing millions on the street. Pesos. On pavement. More than $27 million will be spent to pave more streets in Los Cabos this year. The money is to come from the feds, and is money that is actually our own money that’s returned from the federal taxes that we send to Mexico City each month.

And that’s an opportunity for the state governor and Los Cabos mayor to brag about all the improvements they’re bringing to town. They probably believe that we believe them. Well, some folks do actually think it’s pesos from heaven.. Sigh.

In addition to that bounced back money, the federal ministry of communications and transport (SCT) and the Federal fund to strengthen the individual Mexican states, will pitch in even more money to pave even more streets.

Leave the sidewalks to us. The Los Cabos tax inspectors are trying to clear the sidewalks of merchandise displayed by illegal vendors and vendors who are legal but are illegally displaying their merchandise on public property.  Businesses are allowed to expand their retail displays to sidewalks where’s there’s room, but blocking pedestrians is forbidden.

Well, that’s precise. It’s mostly bars that are getting the heave ho, not, the pesky jewelry sales people or the drug pushers. Mexico’s version of the no open container law.

The same tax agency stated last week that activities that offend family values and morals will not be allowed anymore. This, in reference to the Spring Break madness that took place mostly on our popular Medano beach during the Easter vacation period. Several organized family groups complained about the excess of sexy shows that were held on Medano beach during Holy and Easter week, when Spring Breakers were spotted and videotaped enjoying very explicit sex games in the presence of kids and families.

Ricardo Araoz, the Mango Deck restaurant owner, where most of these activities took place, stated at a meeting with complaining citizens that his watering hole will review its shows to prevent offending families and will include more family related activities, leaving the sex part aside.

However, he also pointed out that the same effort must be made by other restaurants along the beach and the bars in downtown, Cabo, where the “if it happens in Cabo it never happened” attitude is rampant. Stay tuned but don’t expect anything to change.

Sea lion tossed back to sea. Healthy after two months of therapy, Lolo  the sea lion, who washed up on Palmilla beach with internal injuries and dehydrated, was kicked back to sea last week at Rancho San Cristobal, just outside of Cabo.

Lolo was taken care of by the Puerto Los Cabos dolphin center during this time. Two months and lots fish twinkies later, he was more than 60 lbs. heavier when released back to sea last week.

Four Seasons does Cabo. In 2 years, Four Seasons will open its first property in Los Cabos. Four Seasons Resort Los Cabos at Costa Palmas on the East Cape at La Ribera will be a beachfront property set on a 2 mile stretch coastline.

The 145 hotel will feature multiple pools, a full-service spa, a members-only beach, and a Robert Trent Jones designed, 18 hole golf course. The property is also slated to include a small craft marina that can accommodate yachts up to 250 feet long, a yacht club, and a marina side village with boutiques and cafés.

Hang in there. We all need to have just a little more faith. We have been promised that our state has finally found some aluminum and are stamping out license plates right now and we will have them by the end of the month. April. However, we have been promised that for more than a year and no plates have shown up yet, so we recommend you do not hold your breath.  Meanwhile, keep that paper license plate in your window or you will be pulled over, and who needs that?

Or you could buy a Betty Boop license plate on eBay. They also have Elvis plates but they show the state of Tennessee on them, and who wants to drive around like they’re from Tennessee?

Sneaky breathalyzer ambush in San Jose. Municipal Transit Police set up the checkpoint at 1:45 AM on the federal highway, (the fourlane), at Playa Costa Azul. Or actually, to be accurate, the road block was under the fourlane, under the bridge. Drivers were snagged when they used the under bridge route as a turnaround, which of course is what everyone does.. That’s not illegal. Doing that while intoxicated is.

Part of the National Road Safety Strategy 2011-2020 aims to reduce by 50% highway deaths. “We will carry out these actions permanently, thus preserving the obligation to safeguard the integrity of citizenship in relation to road safety,” is the warning from the top cop.

No less than 23 cops in six squads supported the effort, which resulted in 70 blow tests, of which 24 drivers flunked. Therefore, 24 people and 24 vehicles were sent to impound.

They also issued tickets to scofflaws for seat belts, child restraint systems, helmets, phone chatting and speeding. How do you speed while you’re driving under a bridge after and before 90 degree turns?

The penalty depends on how drunk you are, but it’s not draconian like in the real world. ,