Que Pasa in Cabo?

March 7, 2016 Edition

Local teacher turns 109. Well, she’s dead.  The life of elementary school teacher Amelia Wilkes, who was born on February 26 109 years ago, was celebrated last week in downtown Cabo, at the park that bears her name on Hidalgo Street, just a couple of blocks up from the Tesoro hotel.

The official speaker at the event was another teacher, Faustina Wilkes, who said, “We owe this great woman we honor today many of the public services that we enjoy today, such as electricity and water, the land for the first elementary school, transformed currently into the natural history museum on this same site and park.” Yada yada yada. There was a  plaque unveiled  honoring Amelia Wilkes, which was placed on the walls of the museum. That’s the park with the whale skeleton  in the front yard.  The event was followed by the launching of a “get to know your museum” campaign by the city government. It’s open every day, swing by, it’s by donation.

Parks under repair. Since January of  this year, the city government has spiffed up and refurbished 30 public parks that had been neglected by the previous administration. “The goal is to clean up all 120 public parks in Los Cabos, which are recreational areas for our families,” said the director of public services oh so proudly. In their spare time, his office is picking up trash, repairing street lights, and paving dirt roads.

Local beach in tug-o-war.  El Tule beach, located halfway between Cabo San Lucas and San Jose, has been the subject of a tug-o-war between a local entrepreneur who wants to erect a movable restaurant/bar there, and the city – supported by many butinski citizens – which refuses to provide a business permit for the bar to operate.

However the watering hole has been opened. It is made of wood and can be dismantled and hauled away in a jiffy if there’s a hurricane.  It sits on a dry river bed, or arroyo, one of the largest and most dangerous such arroyos in Los Cabos, which is why the city opposes it.

The owner, Carlos Hudson, has a permit from Conagua, Mexico’s federal water commission, which has jurisdiction over arroyos, lakes and beaches. They gave him a  permit to build, not to run his business. Helllooooo.....why would you let a guy build if you don’t intend to let him open?

The city’s urban planning agency (yes, Virginia, we actually have one of those), revealed last week that in addition to Hudson’s bar, his office has six more permit requests pending to erect some kind of temporary structure, palapas or just large canopies, in that area, to be open during Easter week and spring break. Hordes of Mexicans will be camping in the arroyo and El Tule beach. Everybody will be whooshed out to sea if it rains.

Let’s all fix downtown Cabo! A project to embellish downtown Cabo San Lucas has been presented by Carlos Tinoco, president of the Amigos de Cabo San Lucas Ass., which has around 200 downtown businesses as members. This plan concerns the urban image of Los Cabos.

The project includes a homogenization of the facades along Cabo’s main streets and Lazaro Cardenas and Marina boulevard, which are the most popular with our precious tourists.

The Amigos association has been successful at obtaining federal and state funds to repair downtown sidewalks and placing utilities underground. Some telephone poles are still up along with their ugly wires, but they will go.

The group also shook down its members to donate spiffy new trash cans and these are actually being emptied, much to everyone’s surprise. Well, it surprises us and we’re pretty near everyone.  The GG donated 200 bucks for one trash can. Now the boss is pouty about the plaque that was promised. Turns out they slapped on our garbage can a little bitty sticker with our name printed on it. Not what she had in mind.

The repair of sidewalks continues along Lazaro Cardenas Street, with new handicap ramps going in at every corner. Which, we actually mistook for bicycle ramps.

The ongoing efforts concerning our new, improved, very spiffy  urban image, public services, police, tourism and tax agencies is an heroic effort  and should get an atta boy, so here goes guys: Atta boy. Looks great, good job.

Just how guided are these missiles? That scary looking ship in our bay last week was the USS Lassen, an Arleigh Burke class destroyer here on a little R&R, we’re hoping. Because we’re hoping they aren’t here to fire their missiles at us.

The ship most recently has been patrolling in the South China Sea where the damn Chinamen have been dredging up new islands in order to extend their control over the oil rich area. The new pop-up islands have been called the great sand of China.

40 American sailors passed out ice cream and 21 wheel chairs to needy children with severe disabilities, through the family oriented charity DIF

New sleeping policeman for Cabo. That would be a tope. You know, a speed bump. Geeze, do we have to draw you a picture? This will be the mother of all speed bumps, and will be thrown down in front of Squid Roe. That’s a very dangerous intersection because of all the drunks lurching across the street on their bar run. Bar stagger might be a better description, as they can’t even run. Many of the bar patrons are so drunk they don’t look both ways before crossing the street. A real, vertical, policeman is often deployed there late at night, along with those big orange barrels, but what are they going to do, throw their body in front of a car when some drunk launches themselves across the street? Not likely.

So. The city, in an effort to protect  out precious drunken tourists, is going to build a raised cross walk with yellow zebra stripes on it, like extends across the street in front of Plaza Pescador in San Jose. So, until this sleeping policeman is deployed, please take extra caution along that stretch of road.

She’s baaaaack! She’s one of only four blondie whales ever seen, and she’s right here in our Ojo de Liebre lagoon up the peninsula from Cabo.

The albino whale was first seen in 2008 and then seen again the following year. Then for seven years she lay low, with nobody seeing her. Now, this year, she turned up with a baby in tow, and with a new baby calf, as well. The kids are all normal looking, dark, with no pigment abnormalities. Guess her unusual appearance didn’t hurt her in the dating market.

Footballer turns up here. The NFL’s end of season tropical party is usually considered to be the Pro Bowl in Honolulu. Not for Minnesota Vikings tight end Kyle Rudolph. On February 13, he married his wife Jordan Nine at a ceremony on the beach in Cabo San Lucas.

Cleveland Browns go wild.  Johnny Manziel reportedly spent a weekend in Cabo along with four friends and at least 15 women they picked up at local bars.

The guys flew to Cabo on a private jet and stayed at a $2,500 a night rented home for six nights. They spent their time hanging in the pool, partying, drinking, screwing around with women, and blowing up condoms like they were balloons. The guys had so many extra condoms they didn’t need,  they were blowing them up into balloons and throwing them around the pool. They would pick girls up from the beach and invite them back to the villa to join the chicks from the night before. 

The owner of the property later said he wasn’t impressed by the conduct of the guests, who had a lot of people coming and going and they left the place a mess, with beer bottles and trash  strewn around.

The word got out when two of the women, Alison Ireland and Kara Vaninetti, shared details of the trip on their Facebook pages. Ireland has since deleted the content. Both Canadians were seen at the house and shared Instagram photos of it.

The new Browns’ coach Hue Jackson spoke with the media, saying he was not impressed either.  “I want to make sure we all understand that that behavior will not be tolerated as we move forward,” Jackson said. Manziel is still under investigation for alleging assault his then-girlfriend, Colleen Crowley on January 30. His NFL agent has dropped him.

Todos Santos film festival  The 13th annual Festival de Cine de Todos Santos-La Paz will hold its opening night with the film The Little Prince on Wednesday March 16 at 5:00 pm at the Manuel Marquez de León theater in Todos Santos.

The festival will take place from March 15 to 21 on venues in Todos Santos and La Paz, as well as at several special events, including dinner and “meet the artists” gatherings. Proceeds from the sales go to the Leonardo Perel film school in Todos Santos. Tickets are now available at El Tecolote Bookstore, Todos Santos. To see the film  festival’s complete program to go www.todosSantoscine.org

Art festival.  The 2016 East Cape Annual Festival de Artes will take place on Sunday March 20 from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm at the Palmas de Cortez hotel in Los Barriles, on the East Cape, about an hour north of San Jose.

DavidQuePasa_2009.jpgThis popular event is known as the premier showcase for local artists who display and sell their original art. Funds from the Festival de Artes go to support the community activities of the local arts association which include: arts and education supplies for 14 East Cape schools, sponsorship and participation in the Los Barriles summer vacation program, local artist studio tours, and the ever popular Saturday arts & crafts at the DIF charity headquarters for the local children.

The food court will feature the Palmas Carne Asada Taco Stand, German Sausage Ladies from La Paz, and Seth’s bakery, among others. And, or course, a full bar.

The Bluz Explosion band from LaPaz will be explosiving again this year. There will be shade to sit under, so eat, drink, shop, and enjoy. For more information contact: festivaldeartes23@gmail.com

Triathlon announced for La Paz. At least 1,200 athletes and 5,000 looky loos will show up in  La Paz for the triathlon that will take place on Saturday, March 12 in our state capitol city.

We are expecting athletes from Japan, Chile, Perú, Canada, China, the U.S. and of course, Mexico.

The afternoon competition will start and end at the band stand on the La Paz malecon (concrete boardwalk), at 3:00 pm., ending during the famous city sunset time. Grab a stool at your favorite bar and watch the athletes huff and puff up and down the street.