Que Pasa in Cabo?

February 8th, 2016 Edition

Humane society releases figures. The Los Cabos humane society welcomed a total of 3,132 abandoned kitties and doggies last year, finding homes for 400 of them. That the organization spayed and neutered 3,450 animals during the same period does not seem to reduce the number of abandoned animals in Los Cabos. It must seem sometimes to those good people at the humane society that they’re shoveling something against the tide. But, really, we old timers see a big decrease in the number of dogs marauding around town in packs

The estuary is baaack! That would be the mangrove area between the Holiday Inn and the Puerto Los Cabos development in San Jose. Following hurricane Odile’s trashing of our area in 2015, the estuary is now full of water, plants and wildlife is back and thriving. Much of this is the result of the hard work of Graciela Tiburcio, once head of the successful Los Cabos Sea Turtle Protection Program, who now holds a higher position in the city government. The estuary’s visitor paths are clean, there are at least two bird watching towers open to enjoy, and the place is full of migrating birds, ducks and other critters. It is really a must visit place.

Mayor vows open beaches. Yeah, right. Many before him have tried that.

Arturo de la Rosa, Los Cabos mayor, stated last week that every single beach will be open to the public this same year. Oh, you didn’t know Mexican beaches are public? Yes, they are. All rivers, streams, underground water, estuaries, lakes, and ocean beaches are the nation’s patrimony and thus open for public enjoyment.  No one can make a beach private, not even a big tourist hotel. That’s what the law says.  In reality, the construction of hotels chock-a-block has left local residents without access to at least 16 beaches in Los Cabos. We published that list a few weeks ago, did you pay attention? Sigh. What are we beating our fingers into bloody stumps for if you’re not paying attention! You must start sharing our beaches.

Mayor de la Rosa vows his administration will build palapas, showers, public rest rooms and parking spaces at the most popular beaches in Los Cabos.

The biggest challenge will be to open up some of the beaches on the Pacific side along the Pueblo Bonito Sunset beach and Diamante developments, as well as those on the Mar de Cortes along Hacienda Encantada, the RIU, and El Dorado. Stay tuned, because those hotel owners are not going to suffer the public gladly.

Gringo killed. California native Ratget Tobias, 39, died instantly when he crashed against a public transportation bus in La Paz. He was driving a Ducati motorcycle and witnesses said he did not stop at the crossroads, although it is a courtesy stop crossroads. Maybe he didn’t know about those stops but geeze, on a bike against a bus he can’t be pushy.

Can it Get any worse? Our Southern Baja police have just been declared the worst in the nation by the National System of Security. This is based on the number of policemen and policechicks who failed the recent confidence exam that all police all over the country must take. “Confidence exam” is our phrase for failing a lie detector test for past corruption capers.

Highway alert! The ministry of communications and transport (SCT) announced last week that a new overpass will be built at the crossroads of Leona Vicario and Constituyentes streets (known as the hump) to resolve the bottleneck that was created by the new overhead toll road to the airport and San Jose from Cabo San Lucas. Shouldn’t they have had an entire plan in place before they built that road?

In addition, the SCT will be creating two more temporary detours near the El Tule arroyo, halfway between Cabo and San Jose on the fourlane, and outside of the Solaz tourist development near Casa del Mar, to mitigate the mess created by new construction in those  areas. Drive heads up during all this construction, you know they don’t give you much warning before you careen into those orange barrels.

Trash heap help.  The city has just acquired 20 brand new garbage trucks. Mayor Arturo de la Rosa said last week that “it is a priority to provide good quality public services to the city. We inherited a very inefficient administration with lots of vehicles broken down, but we’re working hard at improving it,” Adding that only eight trucks out of 39 were in working conditions when he took over last December.

Volcano alert! Not. A citizens’ report sent the civil protection agency (sort of like FEMA but much more efficient), scrambling to what seemed like a new volcano a rumbling. It wasn’t such. The smoke erupting from the ground was an underground fire in a Cabo San Lucas’ dump site that spontaneously began burning. The city’s fire department zoomed out and with the aid of heavy equipment, it’s under control. Note “under control”. They aren’t claiming it’s out.

Come Paint!  Join a group of enthusiasts for the first weekly plein air (outdoor) painting adventure or any week you can make it. They meet at the Baja Beanery between 9 am and 9:30 am every Friday and take off from there to a painting site.  Bring sun gear, water and a lunch, as well as drawing/painting materials and a trash bag. All levels welcome, no fee, no instructor, just fun. Email if you want a free copy of, “You Can Paint Plein Air!”  for beginners. Jolyn Wells-Moran, jowellsmoran@gmail.com, www.jwellsmoran.com.

Rock star on the lam. Peter Buck, co-founder and lead guitarist of the alternative rock band R.E.M., has been an important organizer of the Todos Santos Music Festival for the past several years, but is now in trouble with immigration authorities for criticizing Mexican politicians regarding the Tres Santos development in Todos Santos. During one of the concerts he promotes, held last month, Buck went on a foul mouthed rant on stage, about the crooked politics allowing the controversial development.

While many are pro-the development, many are also against it. The fishermen staged a protest last month claiming that most of the beach they worked off was “invaded” by the 3 Santos development. That set off a major protest, as the fishermen were left with almost no beach to launch their boats or return.

The beach is now back, some of the fishermen were bought off, the others are pissy about that, and it’s a gawdawful mess.  Here comes Buck who had been performing and partying all day. He got up on stage and called Mexican government officials corrupt and told Todos Santos resident to fight back. Ooofa.

 That’s a no no in Mexico. Foreigners are forbidden to participate in politics, period. Those who do, are subject to article 33 of the constitution, which clearly states that any foreigner who gets involved in Mexican politics will be deported instantly. Just ask our Gringa boss about that law, she is now very familiar with it.

 Luckily, by the time Mexican immigrations knocked on Buck’s door – he is a part-time resident of Todos Santos - he had chartered a jet and flew out of the country. Will he get picked up when he returns? Maybe. He’s done a lot of good for Todos Santos, as all proceeds from the music fest go to the Palapa Society, which helps children of low-income families. But that’s not enough to give him a pass to call out politicians who can simply use immigration officials to get rid of him. Stay tuned.

La Paz malecon to be restored. API, Mexico’s government agency that manages the public marinas, will spend more than 300 grand in restoring the La Paz malecon, which was badly damaged by hurricane Odile in 2014.

Sidewalks and retaining walls were destroyed by the storm, but now the government is coming to the rescue of this popular and beautiful area, a year and a half late, but hey, this is Mexico. Why whine over a little tardiness if you move down here escaping the American or Canadian rat race. You got out of that, didn’t you?

More goodies for us. The economic development secretary said last week that his administration will attempt to build an aquarium and an ocean museum to benefit marine research and aid more tourist development In La Paz, our state’s capitol city. The project will cost some $44 million and would be built somewhere near the beach and the malecon with the help  of the National Polytech Institute and the National Council of Science and Technology who may also invest in it.