Que Pasa in Cabo?


DavidQuePasa_2009.jpgOil spill on the East Cape An oil spill that seems to have been a onetime occurrence on the beach in Los Barriles seems to be taking care of itself, as best it can. Nobody knows where it came from and no officials are out there kicking it around, let alone cleaning it up. Now, a few weeks after it was first seen swirling around in the water and washing up on the beach, it’s just a bunch of droplets left high and dry at the high-tide line. They are slowly being buried in the sand. Well, that’s one way of taking care of an oil spill. Or not. 

Solmar spreads out. Over on the Pacific side, a new luxury hotel/time share and golf course is underway by the Solmar group, developers of the Playa Grande and Grand Solmar resorts in Cabo San Lucas. This one will be called Rancho San Lucas. The Solmar company is owned by one of Los Cabos’ pioneer families.

As part of their developer fees, the Solmar group is to make a $2.29 million payment to the city, which the city has vowed to invest in several areas of need, such as a clean water treatment plant in the Vista Hermosa barrio in San Jose. That will prepare water coming down from the mountains for 34,000 people living in a dozen nearby barrios. But Bulnes, the spokesman of the family-owned corporation, didn’t just fall off the turnip truck yesterday. Fearful that our current mayor will, ahem, “divert” the funds, he’s waiting for Agundez’ term to expire before giving the money to the water department. While Mayor Agundez was in charge of the water department before he became mayor, $71 million became, ahem, “unaccounted for” and his former coconspirators are still entrenched in the department.

The rest of the money due from Bulnes in developer fees will be used in restoring public parks and sports facilities throughout the five municipalities that comprise Los Cabos, and to continue building small starter homes for those affected by hurricane Odile.

For more information on the Rancho San Lucas development, look up www.solmar.com.

Speaking of hizhonor.  During this mayor’s term in office, $17 million went missing from our city coffers during the 2012 budget cycle,  and another $4.6 million is unaccounted for immediately following hurricane Odile. His brother, a former governor of our state, who recently got out of prison on a technicality, is running for mayor right now and looks to be the front runner. Here we go again, my bosses favorite ditcho: People generally get the government they deserve.

Esperanza is back! The Esperanza resort in Cabo San Lucas will reopen its doors June 1, with 57 fully renovated oceanfront rooms, and only eight and a half months after it was devastated by hurricane Odile. The refreshed bathrooms feature floating double vanities and spacious showers built for two with access to the terrace.

Their Cocina del Mar restaurant and the lounge bar have also been remodeled, as well as the spa, and we all look forward to the return of all those Hollywood celebrities who love Cabo and love the Esperanza. Rates at Esperanza start at $550 per night. They start at that. That means you get to sleep in the broom closet for that.

And another one re-opens. That’s the newly remodeled Marquis Los Cabos on the fourlane (formerly Secrets Los Cabos), with its 235 newly rebuilt ocean front suites. They’re sporting a new partnership with Natura Bisse at Spa Marquis as well as refreshed dining rooms. Rates at Marquis start at $929 a night for an ocean view junior suite.

Montage does Los Cabos. Perched on the beachfront at Santa Maria bay along the fourlane at the Maravilla development just outside of Cabo, the upcoming Montage Los Cabos will feature 122 guest rooms and suites, along with 52 Montage residences. We don’t know what a montage looks like, but we’re guessing it’s not a broom closet.

The resort sits on 39 acres of Santa Maria bay. Montage Los Cabos will be the first international destination for Montage Hotels & Resorts, and they’re hoping to get it open in late 2017.

Montage will offer its guests wellness programs a spa, as well as tennis, barefoot pitch-and-putt, basketball and recreational lawn facilities, two pools, and an immersive children’s program. Whoops, you had us up until we heard about all the little curtain crawlers running around. The resort also comes with multiple restaurants and 6,000 square feet of indoor meeting rooms for corporate meetings, executive retreats, and destination weddings.

Adults only resort to open this year. The Breathless all inclusive Cabo San Lucas Resort & Spa is scheduled to open this November. It’s supposed to be somewhere on the marina but they’re being coy about the exact location. There aren’t that many empty spots on the marina, so we’re wondering it this one is really going to happen. Breathless is part of AM Resorts, which operates the Zoetry at Casa del Mar, Secrets, and Dreams resorts in Los Cabos.

The ME by Melia hotel on Cabo’s Medano beach is not changing hands as we keep hearing. The resort will continue to be operated by Spain-based Melia hotels, and will reopen sometime this November. Again, hurricane damage.

The Japs love us. And why wouldn’t they, we’re very lovable. While participating in this year’s marine diving fair in Tokyo, our Southern Baja state received  recognition for being the best scuba diving dream destination for the Japanese population, occupying the third place just after Maldives and Palau. More than 52,000 divers attend this fair each year to promote diving and recreational water activities.

No olvidar. That’s Mex speak for don’t forget. The 7th annual music fest will take place this summer solstice, (that would be Sunday June 21, Bunky), at the main park in San Jose and will feature live music with dozens of local bands camped out on every street corner. It’s all in commemoration of the World Music Day.

There will also be a celebration in Cabo San Lucas, but at press time the exact information and location has not been confirmed. Stay tuned to our news blasts via email, by sending your email address to david@gringogazette.com and be added to our list.

New trash cans! If you are walking within the historic downtown of Cabo (Hidalgo, Madero and Guerrero streets), you will notice brand new trash cans, proudly acquired by members of the downtown merchant’s association, known as Amigos de Cabo San Lucas.

The merchants bought them, not the city. City officials claim they shot the city’s wad helping those made homeless by hurricane Odile. Hurricanes always hit the poor the hardest, because their homes aren’t veery sturdy. The city set up community dining rooms, delivered mattresses, blankets, drinking water and much more, as the mayor like to point out at every opportunity now that his brother is running for mayor.

But the truth is, the downtown remodeling job was a state government project, and our mayor is not on good term with the governor, so the gov isn’t quick to help us out.  Politics. Same shit, different country.

More fun at Cerritos. The Freesouls Restaurant in Cerritos is now open, serving great food and pizzas, with a view of Cerritos beach, as it sits up on a second floor. The rooftop is partially covered and features a heated pool. There is live music some nights, mostly on weekends.

It’s a cool place. Already we’ve seen Pepe Soza’s Todos Santos Jazz band perform there. The band features the talented female singer Divier Guivie. They serve lunch and dinner every day. Reservations: info@thefreesoulsproject.com, Cell 624-191-4666.

Geek needed. Stephanie Rousso in Todos Santos is looking for an app developer to well, develop an app. Her idea is an app for turtle lovers to record their sea turtle sightings. There’s limited funding, (Translation: You’ll be working for starvation wages. If you feel you can do the job, and you don’t think you can make more money somewhere else, heck you might even be a turtle hugger, then contact Stephanie Rousso, Cell. 612 150 6667.

Think summer is boring? Well, you’re right. But to combat that, Todos Santos resident Anita Trammell will hold craft classes for adults and children, starting with a sign up meet up Wednesday May 20 at La Esquina. Examples of the classes will be available to check out. There will also be Scrabble, Mah Jong, even bocchi ball groups. Anyone staying the summer who would like to give a class, should contact Anita for more information. Anita Trammell, anita.trammell@sbcglobal.net, Cell. 612-104-8188.