Que Pasa in Baja?

October 5, 2015

Presumed shark attack. Word was getting out that a shark had attacked a surfer in the local Rosarito beaches, but the head of the civil protection office was quick to refute the information saying that indeed a surfer was hurt by an animal but it wasn’t a shark. Although he couldn’t specify what kind of animal it was, he did say that the injury wasn’t serious. He also said that with the presence of El Niño the water is expected to heat up and bring species to our shores that are not traditionally here. We’re on the lookout, but haven’t seen nor heard of any exciting fish cruising our shores.

Party mom. We made national headlines last week as a local Ensenada mom decided to go party and leave her three year old son in the car asleep. The kid woke up around 1:30 am and started wandering the bar’s parking lot.  Someone saw the underage boy looking for the entrance to the bar and dropped a dime. The cops came out and waited for the mom to came out of the bar. No word on why the cops didn’t come into the bar and drag her out. The mom was arrested and the kid was released to the grandmom. Who obviously botched raising her daughter and now gets a crack at screwing up the grandbaby.

Quality jail time. The national commission for human rights just awarded Baja’s El Hongo state jail as one of the top five jails in the country. They said our local prison human rights and fair treatment. The head of Baja’s jail system, Jesus Grijalva, also said that our jail is certified ISO 9001-2008 which is a quality standard. I wonder if people in other jails are killing each other to be sent to this jail?

Lots of rain expected. With the El Niño phenomenon, lots of rain is expected to come our way this winter and experts say it will rain until next spring. Authorities are already cleaning riverbeds and moving settlements out of places that flood. Shelters are also being prepared for the arrival of El Niño. We have heard a lot of mixed comments regarding this as many people say we need the rain, but experts say that a season of huge rains would do more damage than good if we are not prepared for it. One of the main areas of concern is the roads as the heavy rains would be a huge load for the newly rebuilt toll road. Oh lordy, must we go to China to get our road back again? And has anyone seen the road just north of the previous wash out from the sea? We have, and it’s a scary, scary sight. The shoreline has been badly eroded and the fourlane looks like it’s perched on the very edge of land. Not for nothing they call that entire area Salsipuedes.  Get out if you can.

Natural gas. Just last week a project to install a natural gas pipeline across all of Ensenada was presented to the local industry chamber. The proposed pipeline would bring natural gas to all of Ensenada from the Sempra Energy plant. Natural gas is cheaper than what the residence and industrial users are using, which is bottled butane gas. The company said that if the project is approved, they would make the commitment to use local suppliers in order to improve the local economy. Oh lordy, a natural gas line under the city. If we don’t slide out to sea, we’re going to get blown to smithereens.

Our mayor at work. Last week Ensenada’s mayor Gilberto Hirata handed several assignments to the head of the newly appointed federal tourism office, Jose Bayon and the head of tourism innovation Francisco de la Vega. Hirata said that some of the projects he’s expected to get funds for were a water park for Playa Hermosa, (the main beach in Ensenada, on the boulevard), the continuation of the boulevard, a convention center, and a local sports hall of fame.

Manufacturing on the rise. Baja is seeing better times and not just due to our precious tourists. The state government has announced the annual growth of production to July of this year was an incredible 33.6%, way surpassing the national average of 2.7% Way.  Carlos Bonfante, Bajas Economic Development Chief, said manufacturing represents more than 20% of Baja’s economy and that right now we are the state with the third highest volume of exports.

Looking for homes. The Rosarito Friends of the Library is looking for more homeowners to show off their holiday decorations to raise money for their cause.

The holiday home tours, in which the public buys tickets to visit participating decorated homes, is an important fundraiser supporting the five Rosarito public libraries and the city wide reading program called Rosarito Lee.

If you can help this worthy effort, write to friendsofthelibrary@gmail.com.

Bike race success. With around 8,000 cyclists, the 36th edition of the Rosarito-Ensenada bike race went off without a hitch. The fastest completed the race in 1 hour 58 minutes, although his name was not released. Ana Castro, director of the race, said that next year they will again have three races counting the new wine route ride that they started last year. And just why would they not release the name of the winner? Don’t they do this for the glory? And didn’t Ana baby rob this poor sucker of his 15 minutes of glory. His only chance of getting his name in this paper? Hey, winner, if you read this, send in your name and picture to oliver@gringogazette and we’ll make it up to you.

Stolen water. The water shortage has gone to the point that in some parts of Ensenada water has been stolen out of residential water tanks. In low income neighborhoods where no water is being delivered through the city pipes, and people have to buy it from the water truck, there are a couple of reports every week of water being stolen. “We fool around saying that if we left a pot of gold and a gallon of water, thieves would take the water” said Veronica Barrientos, president of the HOA of Puerto Azul, one of the affected developments. Buying water off the truck is the only alternative and the costs is around 2 bucks for 50 gallons.

New movie in Rosarito. Gustavo Torres, head of our Rosarito Tourism office, just announced that the movie Larceny featuring Dolph Lundgren is to be filmed in Baja Studios in Rosarito in the next few weeks. The locations manager, Miguel Angel Saldaña, said Rosarito was chosen because Dolph  loves us and that he already has had about six movies filmed here. They will be filming here from September 28 to October 28.

U.S. Consulate does Rosarito. A meeting organized by the US consulate and the local Foreign Residents Attention Office (FRAO) in Rosarito was to bring  Brian Simmons, chief of services and protection to U.S. citizens from the consulate in TJ, to the Rosarito Beach Hotel where he was to inform local residents about the services  the consulate can provide and answer questions from the community.

But he never showed up. He sent his underlings instead. What are we, chopped liver? The least he could do is show up. He doesn’t have to be great, just freakin’ show up.  How hard could that be? Woody Allen said 80% of life is just showing up. Looks like Ole Brian is down to the 20th percentile and he’s only been on the job a couple of weeks. Sigh. We’re stuck with him for his term of office, which is three years.

Oscar Lozano, chief of the Rosarito FRAO office, made the best of it, saying the FRAO office under his direction maintains a tight relationship with the U.S. consulate in Tijuana in order to benefit the local foreign residents.