Plea For Money For The Deported

U.S. citizen kids of Mexicans deported

Mexico is seeing a lot of children who are U.S. citizens coming to live in Mexico because one or both of their parents who are not citizens have been deported. The problem is that in Mexico these kids have no legal status.

Although these kids can become dual citizens, they do not have proper documentation to become legal Mexican citizens and without this documentation they are unable to get medical care, continuing education, or jobs. The 2010 U.S. census claimed 597,000 minors were in this position; probably a lot more now. DIF, a family based charity, currently shows 5000 on their roles.

Now “Key to the Future” will provide assistance to Mexican families by guiding them through the arduous process of obtaining documents from Mexico and the United States, and by paying the necessary fees required for certified translations, apostle documents, and transportation to the various agencies.

These records include, but are not limited to, a certified birth certificate, authenticating apostle from the city of birth, a Mexican CURP request in the municipality of residence, and official translations of everything.

Beginning with the cities of Rosarito and Ensenada, the Baja Blues Fest board will work with schools and other agencies to determine the families in need of these special services. The BBF board has announced Rosalba Maldonado Partida is the local who will help the families work with the agencies to complete the necessary documentation.

The cost is approximately $1800 – $2000 U.S. per child for the necessary documentation to go through a Mexican Notario, which is a kind of super lawyer. A lawyer but one who has more training, political contacts to get the job, and who can charge whatever he wants.

Public and private donations are being solicited and will be combined with the proceeds from the 2016 Baja Blues Fest to be held in August. A separate bank account has been established for this cause. To donate, contact Jackie Alameda through the BBF website: