Partial Lowdown On Current New Building

There is so much of that going on, we can barely scratch the surface, but here’s a good scratch

Snell claims to be the number uno top selling largest, independent luxury real estate brokerage firm in the Baja, and maybe they are, as they have the most offices. 13, count em. We did that for you.

One of their exclusive listings is Las Ventanas Al Paraiso, a five diamond star hotel on the corridor that is now filling in some of their unused land with full ownership mulit story condos, priced  from three to five million real dollars. There will be three towers facing the Sea of Cortez with 30 units in each and each five stories high.  Right now they’re trying to hide all this with a silly curtain strung up on five story high scaffolding. What’s tackier, a five story high shower curtain or condos under construction? Close call, actually.

Las Ventanas is a luxurious property that plants a telescope on each suite’s terrace, provides wine cellars, hot tubs, and private infinity pools in some of the rooms. All have stunning views. Pardon us if we’re still a little pouty about them buying an ocean front hole on the Cabo Real golf course from Grupo Questro for $22 million. Ventanas then ripped up the hole and built more hotel rooms, causing a pretty botched up re-design of the next three holes. You just can’t fix something like that. The entire front nine is ruined. Yes, we’re still pouty over that, but  we will have to admit Ventanas is a stunning property and what they’ve done with that one par 3 hole is amazing.

There are several reasons why it might be a good idea to invest in Ventanas.  First, it has the most expensive hotel in Cabo.  The average room rate is $1,500 with the most expensive suite costing $35,000 a night. have to wonder how many nights that’s rented.  Cabo is already favored by many of the rich and famous set, and it will continue to attract them with this type of exclusive hotel that offers world-class service.  Second, Ty Warner, known for those Beanie Babies, owns the hotel which is a Rosewood Property.  He’s ranked 209 out of the 400 richest Americans, and if he’s all in, that’s a really good reason for us to be too.  Finally, all the amenities will be in place when you buy because it’s a mature property.  The roads inside the development are already finished, and so are the four restaurants, shops, spa, pool, and gym.  That’s huge, since other developers wait, sometimes years to finish installing all those wonderful amenities you were promised at signing time and may or may not ever see.

 Snell real estate company also has an exclusive listing for Chileno Bay, also on the corridor, right up the highway.  They have already sold 80% of the current project (phase 1), which they took on in January of 2014 without the infrastructure in place.  In 2015, they sold $42 million, and since 2016 they have already sold up to $60 million.  Their exclusive contract to market the property ends on June 30 and it’s anybody’s guess what will happen then but even if they lose their exclusivity their momentum and special knowledge of the property will probably mean they will still out sell any other company.  Discovery Land has entered into a partnership to develop the rest of Chileno Bay, a 1,200 acre private club and community of residences designed with two of Baja’s most abundant natural resources in mind: the sun and the sea. From their desalinated water supply to the residential solar systems that run the homes, the historic old Chileno Bay is updated and up to the minute in technology. Discovery Land is the company that jumped in and turned Eldorado golf course and full ownership residences into a huge success.

The centerpiece of Chileno Bay will be VieVage Los Cabos, a beachfront hotel and residential resort managed by the hospitality company Auberge Resorts Collection, currently under development by SV Capital Partners and RED Group of Palmilla fame.  VieVage Los Cabos will feature a 29 room, boutique luxury resort with 32 contemporary three and four bedroom turnkey beach villas, priced from $2.25 million. Lifestyle amenities include a very big swimming pool, a wellness spa, gym, and movement studio, a variety of dining options, a kid’s club, owners lounge, and the h2O cave, the resort’s waterfront sports center. Movement center? What the hell is that? Rest rooms maybe? Hmmm.....we’re afraid to ask......

The VieVage homeowners also can use the family oriented amenities of the master Chileno Bay development, including the recently re-opened, Tom Fazio course. This course is so rarely used it is in pristine, every blade in place condition.  Additional programming will include Discovery’s signature Outdoor Pursuits program with equipment, instruction and assistance for kayaking, paddle boarding, snorkeling, SCUBA, sailing, fishing, boating, hiking, horseback riding and more. Chileno Bay also is slated for a unique park featuring an organic farm, farm-to-table restaurant, kids’ club, comfort station, sport courts and athletic fields. We’re pretty sure comfort station means bathrooms, making a movement center even more of a mystery.

 “Given Discovery Land’s track record developing the super uppityscale Eldorado property, we know Chileno Bay will be one of the most sought-after addresses in Los Cabos,” said Mark Cooley, Partner of SV Capital Partners. Well, we paraphrase. He actually didn’t characterize Eldorado as uppity scale, but it is. It is very, very private, and very, very expensive. No doubt Chileno Bay is headed in that direction now with this purchase.

Another Snell exclusive listing is the Solaz community that’s currently under construction on the corridor. The Residences at Solaz are part of the 131 room Solaz resort complex that is being developed by Quinta del Golfo de Cortez Group, who are  the owners of the Sheraton Hacienda del Mar Hotel located just up the beach.   Dieter Esch, owner of Snell, believes it’s the best value in town considering it’s beachfront and the residences are spacious with large terraces, but then he’s paid handsomely for saying that.  Prices range from $2 to $3.5 million.  There are only going to be 21 residences in the Solaz community, and Snell sold six already, mostly to speculators.  Snell sold  more than $15 million at their opening party bash. And all they served was some wine and some stuff on a cracker. Nice.

It seems Snell Real Estate has offices everywhere. 13 to be exact.  The Engle & Volker and Snell main offices are in the Palmilla strip center. Satellite offices are also located in the Palmilla Hotel, Plaza Pescador in San Jose, The Art District in San Jose, the new Solaz, the new Chileno Bay, Ventanas Al Paraiso, in the Pedregal park, at the door to Peacocks Restaurant, tucked into a gallery in Todos Santos, somewhere in La Ribera, and in Los Barriles.

Snell is a company that is very, very aggressive and it has served them well in the few years Dieter Esch and Vanasa Fukunaga have owned it.