Our Citizens Are Mad As Hell And Not Inclined To Take It Anymore

These La Paz city council members met away from government offices, in secret in a hotel, and voted for a variance in zoning laws which would allow gold mining in the Sierra de la Laguna mountains just north of here. They did this in the last days of their administration.

citizensnotta.jpgThis set off a firestorm of protests, including circulating this wanted poster.

According to the Mexican Center for Environmental Law (Cemda), the Los Cardones mining project promoted by Desarrollos Zapal, the Invecture group, owned by Ricardo Salinas Pliego, intends to occupy 1342 acres. The mine site is projected to consist of two pits, a stack of waste rock, a tailings dam, a process plant, and (hopefully well constructed) storm protection.

In addition, it plans to build an aqueduct 22 miles long which will connect the mine with a desalination plant on the Pacific coast. Mining needs lots of water, and mine officials have promised on a stack of Bibles and their mama’s grave they will not take even a spoonful of mountain drinking water which is the only source of water for half a million people in the municipalities of La Paz and Los Cabos. They will also cut an access road from the coast to the mining site which is near the protected biosphere.

When the signing was disclosed, there was such an outcry from the people with picket signs and petitions flying around every which way, that every incoming elected official promised on a stack of  their Bibles, and their mama’s grave that they would not vote for the zoning change that would allow mining. They also made assurances that the last minute zoning change wasn’t official before those politicians left office.

Now some of the incoming officials, paying close attention to their constituents’ outrage, are suggesting filing criminal and administrative charges against their predecessors who voted to allow the mining operation onto the Baja peninsula.