Now This Is A Press Release

Sorry, we got so excited about finally receiving a professionally created press release, we forgot to tell you what this is about

The Los Cabos Senior Center is the only non-profit organization in Los Cabos that provides food, shelter, clothing, medical treatment, arts and crafts, exercise classes and many other benefits to the seniors of our community. They have made huge strides over the past six months and they want to share their progress with you.

robbyrelease.jpg1) They now have a board of directors who are providing guidance and direction

2) They now have an English website, which is

3) They now have a Facebook page in english at

4) They have just entered into a contract with The Monarca Foundation in Canada so Canadian supporters can now donate to the Senior Center through Monarca and receive a full Canadian tax write off.

5) They are now fully approved for Mexican tax deduction for all donations made in Mexico

6) They have opened a checking account at Santander bank which is controlled and governed by the board of directors. They can accept Mexican checks and cash directly into this account and provide tax receipts for all donations (100% of every donation goes to purchasing food and supplies, nothing goes to overhead).

7) They have purchased a used truck that is being used to zip around town picking up food donations from various resorts who have leftovers.

8) They are creating a lot of awareness through social media about the Center which is working well in getting more people volunteering and helping

9) They now have a full working kitchen with refrigerators, freezers, stoves, ovens and everything needed to supply healthy meals to the Seniors.

10) They now provide service to between 80 and 120 Seniors each day

Things to keep in mind:

1) Their staff is made up of all volunteers who receive no pay

2) They need donations of food, money and supplies to continue doing what they do so well

3) They invite everyone to visit the Center and see what they are doing

4) Please make a tax deductible Mexican or Canadian donation - email Robby for details

Thank you for you past support... please continue to help take care of our Senior Citizens.

For more information email the king of press releases, also known as Robby Z, at