New Road Blazed By Private Development

If the gov’t screws around long enough, the people will pitch in and build the roads

At last month’s gala fiesta celebrating the transfer of the first deed at Quivira, CEO of the entire Pueblo Bonito group, Alberto Coppel, announced that Pueblo Bonito and its affiliated developments are building a new $10 million road.

When the first road to the 1850 acre development on the Pacific side was built, we were aghast at what a Taj Mahal of roads it was, ending up in 1850 acres of scrub brush with three miles of beachfront. The road was high over the sea, wide, and handsome. “Never are they going to need such a grand road, we thought to ourselves smugly.

Well, today a big portion of those nearly 2000 acres are developed, and the road has been deemed obsolete. They’re building a new road, this one going directly to highway 1, the highway that goes to Todos Santos. This will allow for a quick trip to the San Jose airport via the new toll road, as well as access to Todos Santos and La Paz. And, it will not have the one flaw the Taj Mahal road has: It won’t go through the ugliest part of the barrio in stop and go traffic. Pueblo Bonito planted oleander along that road, but it doesn’t pretty up the landscape enough. The new road will start near the ocean, and cross the somewhat prettier Altamira middle class housing development, which is about one mile south of the next big Gringo resort, Diamante. 

All this is to access the amenities of the property known by its various chunks. Chunks which include luxury resorts, condominiums, and oceanfront single family housing. Oh, and a beach front club house, more than 400 acres of natural conservation areas, more than 20 miles of walking/hiking/biking trails, botanical gardens, and wine bushes! Yes, the developers are going to try planting grape vines on their slopes. Southern Baja already has five successful vineyards scattered in various micro climates, so this is very possibly a viable project.

Quivira, as much of the property is known as, also has the new Jack Nicklaus Signature golf course, which has more ocean side holes than any other course on the Baja Peninsula. Built way high over the ocean, you look directly down about six stories to look for any errant balls. Good luck with that.

One last announcement we got at the party: There is cheaper, better financing for all the properties, which they haven’t defined yet. Financing is tough in Mexico, but with the original Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach and Montecristo Estates timeshare properties about sold out, it’s not like Mr. Coppel doesn’t have the money to carry us.