New Property In San Jose Is A Stunner

Wow.....just wow.

Inside the mammoth new building that is a hotel and full ownership homes called Mar Adentro, are four new restaurants/bars that are all open to the public. This very high end property is anxious to receive the locals, even keeping their prices reasonable for us.

elnido.jpgFrom the outside, the eight story high blank white wall is a bit of an eyesore that blocks the view of the ocean for those driving down San Jose’s Hotel Row. It’s even more of an unwelcome addition to those who live in the condos across the street from the ocean front property. A lot of locals are grumbling about it.

But once they walk in, they will have to say it is breathtaking. There is nothing else like this property in all of Los Cabos.

The words Mar Adentro, while they may be hard for English speakers to remember, mean “in the sea”  which describes this property well. In place of the usual concrete around the usual pool, the entire front yard of the resort is the sea. That is, you are surrounded by a two foot deep lagoon of water pumped up from the ocean, desalinized in their own desal plant and filtered before being re-salted and entering into the sea pools. You walk around the property on narrow strips of concrete with no guard rails, enhancing the feeling of walking  on the sea.

Behind you is the six story 205 room hotel with electric glide-down white screens covering every room. The screens make the building look like something other than hotel rooms, more like, well, maybe just a blank cloth wall that gently sways to and fro. Guests are inclined to keep their screens down because they are one-way, allowing them to see out.  This way they can sit on their terrace in their undies, or lounge in the Jacuzzis on their terrace wearing even less.

The interior of the rooms are all white. White furniture, white kitchens, white bathrooms, white floors, white ceilings, white dishes, white towels, well, white everything. All that white is startling and elegant. However, all this whiteness doesn’t come cheap, as the hotel rooms go for about $500 U.S. per night. For that, we might be inclined to stay up all night. After all, who wants to blow through 500 bucks in their sleep?

On either side of the hotel part, in the front row with direct oceanview, are the 30 full ownership condos in two six story towers.  One in each building  is  large  with 5 bedrooms and almost 4000 square  feet with another 2000 square feet of outdoor living space.   On the top of each tower is a spectacular rooftop with views out to sea and behind, to the mountains. The roof is where most buyers will spend their time as it is totally private, only for the residents of that tower, with BBQ grills, a large dining table, changing rooms, chaise lounges and an  infinity swimming pool.  Prices at Mar Adentro  start at about $800,000 and go up to $3.3 million.

OK, so let’s get to the part we peasants can enjoy: the four restaurants and one bar, all open to locals.

There’s the bar La Roca, (The Rock). All white. Open 11 to 11, serving Mexican munchies along with any drink that makes you happy. It’s designed to force people to interact with each other, by molding the furniture into circles. It’s a very ingenious creation of conversation pits. The bar menu includes such goodies as duck soup, chocolate clams, and grilled octopus skewers.

Then there is Origin, the evening restaurant that’s open 6 to 11 pm serving dinner. The most interesting item on this menu is the roasted duck enchiladas with mole and baked sweet potatoes, for less than $20. Or amarant crusted yellowfin tuna with roasted poblano chile sauce, jicama and  bell pepper salad for hardly more. There is also the grilled local octopus, cilantro mojo, caramelized onions & charred serrano chili aioli for about the same. This restaurant overlooks all the pools, and the marvelous lights that are projected on the white curtains and walls that keep changing colors. It’s almost like you’re passing through several environments every few minutes, because the different colors cast such a different mood.

The restaurant Nube, (Cloud), is not open yet but that’s going to be a stunner, we know, because we got a sneak peak. It’s called cloud because it’s on the top floor overlooking the entire property and on a clear day, possibly parts of China. Well, almost.

We saved the best for last. The Nest. El Nido in Spanish. This is a day time bar and restaurant out on the Big Puddle. The Mar that’s Adentro. The sea that’s inside. It’s made of woven sticks, and does look like a bird’s nest. Looking at El Nido out there in the middle of the water, it looks for all the world like a big pile of sticks that a bird, or a beaver would leave behind. But the best part of this arrangement of sticks is the way the dappled sunlight filters through, landing in a speckled pattern on everything. The sunlight barely lands on the tables and chairs, your food, and yes, yourself and your dining partners. It is an other worldly environment, and very, very special.

You may eat breakfast and lunch inside this pile of twigs. Breakfast features traditional Mexican and American dishes, and you can order anything you want, like you’re home telling your mom what to put in front of you this morning. It all comes from an open kitchen that is also sprinkled with sunshine. It’s hard to spend more than about $12 on breakfast, unless you order the eggs Benedictine, with poached eggs, English muffin, smoked salmon, Canadian bacon & chipotle hollandaise sauce. But even that is only $17.

Lunch in the pile of twigs ranges from burgers and Gringo sandwiches for less than $15 to more traditional Mexican fare like civiche and sushi rolls and shrimp or octopus tostadas.

Drop by for a meal or at least a drink, and to get the full effect, we recommend seeing the twig restaurant in the daylight. Maybe go late in the day and take in El Nido, then when the sun goes down slide by La Roca bar and check out the architecture, and then move to Origin for dinner. After this, you can say you’ve done Mar Adentro.

Mar Adentro is in San Jose, on Hotel Row, next to Barcelo hotel. Big, huge white building, you can’t miss it. Drive  up the ramp, someone will park your car for you. Snell is in charge of sales, but this is a very a low key sale and there isn’t even a sales office on site, so call them at 624 105 8100 if you want to buy a condo. This writer is just going to buy a bar stool in El Nido. One drink and snack at a time.