New Bar Opens

We can never have too many of those

A bar with a new concept opened its doors in May. The Alley Bar, located at the former Footprinters Clubhouse on Calle Tijuana. It’s just off the toll road exit before the Pemex/dairy; or from the free road, turn inland at Electra).

The Alley is not merely a sports bar, but a venue that is eager to support our local charities.

For now they will be open Thursday, Friday, and Saturday noon to 2:00 am, and Sundays 10:00 am to 8:00 pm but  plan to open additional days/hours during the summer. The Alley does not have a designated happy hour, because as  co-owner Sara Vega says, “We’re always happy, so it is always happy hour!”

 There are many promotions and specials in effect. Currently, if you purchase an Alley T-shirt, you get a free Kamikaze shot every time your wear it into the bar. You can also score a Kamikaze shot if you tag yourself at the bar on Facebook while you’re there. Groups of five or more ladies will be offered a free nacho appetizer, so ladies, grab your girlfriends and head on over. Need a fifth? I may be persuaded to join you!

There is live music performed on many evenings, because Sara finds it important to support local musicians, and she hopes the public comes to support them as well. Sara has also given jobs to single moms and students so they can take care of their families, while she currently doesn’t take a salary.

The Alley offers 12 signature drinks, created by 12 local charitable organizations, with a portion of the drink price donated to that charity. This amount varies but last week she gave 20% of drink money to the charities. Not all 12 slots have been claimed yet, so you can rush down and represent your favorite charity.  The groups who have responded are the Hearts of Baja children’s Home Network (the Baja-tini); Baja Spay and Neuter (Salty Dog); Baja Sand (Sand in Your Shorts);  VIVA, the Volunteers for Indigent and Vulnerable Animals (Baja Blend Margarita); and Casa Hogar Jazmin/Elizabeth (the JAZZ, a non-alcoholic beverage). Drinks are priced $4 - $4.50, with some of that going to your fave organization. Indigent animals? They don’t have pockets, aren’t all of them indigent?

The Alley is available for events of any kind, and you don’t have to be one of the 12 chosen groups to arrange an event. Maryam Malak celebrated her birthday there already. And Sara wishes everyone would consider the Alley Bar as their meeting place.

There is a small bar menu featuring nachos  ($3.50 – 6.); Fries, plain or with carne asada or chili cheese ($5 – 6);  8piece chicken wings with BBQ or ranch ($6 – a real deal!) and for the super-hungry, a hot dog or chili dog with tons of toppings ($3-4). I’ve heard this is a real joyful experience to eat. The chili is homemade, no Hormel here.

Transactions are cash (dollars or pesos) only, and there is free Wi-Fi. Facebook friends of The Alley receive notices of all sorts of specials.

Sara can be reached at , or better yet, just drop into the Alley bar and say Hi!