New Art Gallery Opens Up in Downtown San Jose


A whimsical, colorful art gallery has moved into the downtown art district of San Jose del Cabo. Artist Jovian, from Mexico City, is now jazzing up the original main street of town in the newly-constructed building on the corner of Morelos and Zaragoza Streets.  

A statue of a "Giant Man" positioned outside the gallery demands attention as you walk up to the intersection. The mesmerizing sculpture is called “Rain,” … quite the name choice for a giant statue in the desert.  

The man is in swim trunks looking up to the skies with his arms wide open.  Tourists are spotted posing and taking pictures next to the statue of this rain man, who has a nicely-defined six-pack of abs, and if you look closely, he has three little stars tattooed on his lower-right abdominal area. 

Stepping into the gallery is like walking into a dream world of dog-loving pop art and other extraordinary sculptures. It is evident that the artist is a fervent dog-lover and he has combined his love of animals with unique creativity to produce these exquisite art pieces.  

There is an array of unique sculptures spread across the gallery floor, but the Six Dog Faces on the far right wall are the most eye-catching exhibit inside the Gallery. 

Six different breeds of dogs are elegantly displayed on the wall, framed by vibrant colors. An expressionless Bull Terrier, Akita, Schnauzer, French Bulldog, and a Chihuahua gaze back at gallery visitors. 

Jovian also created the Fashion Victims collection, making a bold statement displaying how “Dog owners who are fashion victims project their aesthetic addictions onto their pets, and in this way, turning them into unsuspecting victims of the same aspirational frenzy. Dogs have always been man’s best friend, reflecting the best and worst of their owner’s personality.”

Jovian’s whacky and humorous collection of Fashion Victims includes a large window display with doggy sculpture-portraits dressed up with fashionable brand accessories like a Hound dog with Louis Vuitton print ears, and a Labrador with an Hermés Collar.  

Other smaller art pieces feature dogs dressed up with fashion accents such as a Tiffany’s Crown, Prada Bowtie, Louboutin Face Piercings, and a Burberry scarf among others. 

Another prominent collection on display is the Métissage collection.  Métissage is a French word originating from the Latin, Mixticius, which means mixed. 

This collection highlights mixed canine breeds, as well as purebred European breeds. These sculptures were painted by artisans from the state of Guerrero and highlight how street dogs are loved and considered like family in some parts of Mexico.  

“Even though we are creators of crisis in our social order, or the transformers of established values, due to our vices and thanks to our exercise of will, the dog will always follow us to the hell of our own making or he will be our guide to the paradise of our beautiful culture,” says the artist’s catalogue.  

The array of sculptures throughout the gallery are made of polymer and bronze, with dreamlike concepts such as a silver crab climbing on a man’s back and a masked diver fishing in a bathtub. 

Jovian’s imagination and creativity will no doubt captivate art lovers and passersby alike. 

The gallery is open from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Saturday. An official grand opening date for the gallery will be announced at a later time. 

Jovian is from Mexico City, he studied International Relations at Universidad Iberoamericana, has participated in numerous art workshops refining his craft, and his work has been displayed in many parts of Mexico and as far as Hong Kong in Asia. 

Jovian’s Instagram account is @artjovian, and he is represented by Corsica Art Gallery.,

We welcome the whimsical, fantastic new artist that has brought idyllic and wonderful creations to our little town.