Need Some Mail Delivered Here?

You can trust it to the Mexican mail mule or you can hire a professional

Letters, bills, cards from Grandma, and love letters from the IRS are all dropped into a mail box in the United States for delivery to ex pats living in Baja, and then what? All those letters, and let’s not forget the packages, are never going to make it to you in Mexico if you depend on the Mexican mail mule. No, they need to be picked up at various San Diego mail drops and carried across the border somehow, but how exactly? By private local businesses, that’s how. They deliver all your mail to the mail room of your choice here in Baja. That mail room of choice is different from others and distinctive by price, days of delivery, and location, and comparison of services is what this article is all about.

First, sending drugs across the border into Mexico is illegal. As I made the rounds to each of the mail rooms available here, posing as a prospective renter of a box, this was not mentioned. But then, when I revealed at the last mail room that I was researching an article for the Gringo Gazette, alarm bells went off and I was told of all the stuff I wasn’t to bring in. However, packages of God knows what have been shooting over the border for many years with no hiccup in the system, so it seems that a shrug and a casually tossed off, “It’s Mexico” applies here.

Click On is Jackie and Marty Alameda’s mail room, which is open six days a week from 8 to 5pm, closed on Sundays. Someone from that operation runs up to San Diego to snag their client’s mail every Monday Wednesday and Friday. You are given a box number for letters and a physical address in San Diego, as well, since not every delivery service can deliver to a postal box. Click On is  on the free road between Puerto Nuevo Lobster Town and the Grand Baja hotel on the south end of Rosarito. Contact phone is 01 661 614 0513. This room will also assist it’s patrons with permanent residency forms as well as accompany you to the interview. They will also help with car registration, bank errands and translations, they have a fax computer service, and copy machines, and delicious muffins.. English is spoken along with Spanish. Cost is $25 monthly with free months given if you sign up for multiple months, and there is a yearly rate of $225.

Renee’s mail room is on the free road just outside of downtown Rosarito going south and is the oldest mail room in Rosarito, having been established in 1979. It’s located now in the back end of the new casino that’s under construction in the building that was the former Rene’s bar.  They are open from 7:30am until 7pm offering boxes for rent for $25 per month with better rates if you pay up front for several months or a year. They make daily trips across the border to fetch your mail, but will not deliver packages. Dottie, a beloved woman in Rosarito, arrived here with her husband Chuck many years ago hoping to retire, but instead bought the mail room  from Rene to help support her son Ron who has multiple sclerosis. The switch over from crummy old bar to spiffy new casino turned into a bonanza for Dottie and Ron as the casino built her a new mail room with a handicap ramp for Ron’s wheel chair in the rear of the building.

MEX, short for  Mail Express & Xtras, was established way back in 1990. The general manager is Alejandra Cordova and this one is one block from Boulevard BJ on Ave Mar Del Norte and can be reached at (661) 612 2423. This mail room offers many services, including daily mail delivery from San Diego, telephone messaging service, copy/fax is available, USPS priority and express mail, as well as an immigration paper service. If you pay $204 for a year in advance, you receive a post office box as well as a street mailing address, but if you pay poco a poco, you only get a box. They also have private boxes at Club Marena, Canatamar, El Jeffe mini Mercado, Hotel La Mision, Bajamar and San Antonio Del Mar. They have so many locations it’s almost like home delivery and you don’t have to drag your lazy butt far to pick up your mail.

Mx, located behind Bonanova Hospital right next to the Oceana Grill, does things a bit differently. They are open from 9am to 5pm but for a few extra pesos you can buy a key that allows you at your mail 24 hours a day. Your mail arrives from San Diego by 2pm daily. Their annual price is a bit higher at $220 for an address or $250 for a corporate account, but $205 gets you an ordinary box account which seems to be standard for all mail rooms. This room also assists with money orders, permanent or temp visas, faxes, copies, and postage, as well as certified translations and priority and express mail. Contact Jessica Olivarria at 612661 0511.

Your last choice is maintaining a mail box in San Diego and picking up your mail yourself and hauling it down. This will be less expensive but not by much, and unless you have other reasons to go to San Diego, why do this to yourself?

So there you have it: An assortment of choices for speeding your social security checks and your magazines to you. These mail rooms are so similar that most folks choose the one that’s closets to them.   Whichever you  choose, may your mail be all good news, and may your envelopes be filled with dinero and gifts. May you never encounter that rare package that’s been opened and pawed through by snoopy customs agents, and may Aunt Tillie’s undies forever remain private. And just what in the heck is the old bat mailing her unmentionables for, anyway?