My Surprises After I Relocated To Cabo!


I knew once I made my mind up to relocate to Cabo San Lucas that I would most definitely be enjoying the many beautiful beaches, sunsets, ocean views, mountains explorations, fun activities, restaurants, night life and so much more that Cabo has to offer. This was no surprise!

It didn’t take long after relocating to decide to make Cabo home indefinitely. Working and living in Cabo San Lucas our dream destination has brought many surprises. As a licensed Realtor with Team Cabo Properties, the surprises came after touring many areas in Cabo such as the lovely Cabo Bello, exclusive Pedregal, Sunset beach and the Cabo Corridor area, which is another favorite amongst the expats.

Surprise #1 came after finding a property with magnificent views of the city, ocean and mountains that suited our investment allowance and lifestyle. We quickly made the commitment to purchase a home in the upcoming neighborhood in Matamoros located in Central Cabo.

Matamoros is mainly a Mexican neighborhood. If you are familiar with the new Condo Morgan Residences and the sister condo named Chloe just down the road from Morgan then you know where Matamoros is. Morgan residences is one of the newest additions to this neighborhood with beautiful contemporary style condos being purchased by Mexicans and foreigners.

I have learned most expats prefer to live in the Cabo Corridor or Pedregal areas and a great number of them in the gated communities for a better feeling of safety. As beautiful as those neighborhoods are I usually buck the norm on most things in life so buying a house in a Mexican neighborhood was no exception. I love the authenticity!

I like to be close to the Mexican people and their culture. However, saying this there are more and more foreigners as stated making the same choice we did. We are basically a 5 minute walk from local grocery, meat and produce stores, OXXO and reasonable-priced restaurants. The main strip of Cabo is only a 5 minute drive or 35 minute walk away.

The culture is what led us to choose a Mexican neighborhood. We feel we can relate more with the community by living close with our Mexican neighbors, learn the culture, and have the opportunity to practice communicating by speaking Spanish with them or at least try, Lol!

Mexican families celebrate a lot from what we have seen and heard. Big family celebrations, mixed with vibrant party decorations, colors and laughter from the young and the old folks enjoying themselves, and to top it off a live Mariachi band. We love it and get to enjoy listening as well!

Although we are not in a gated community we are okay with this and feel safe. Some of our neighbors are well known in the community and highly respected architects and politicians.

It’s not only the coastline. Cabo Corridor and Pacific side are growing with new hotels, condos and homes. Central Cabo is also booming with new Real Estate and as I write this, there is at least 5 condos being built around us and some as I mention before Morgan Residences that boast great views!

Common sense would be to always use the same protection you would if you were living in the U.S. or Canada or anywhere else in the world for that matter and then just enjoy your home, your garden and life in Cabo.

A pleasant option we chose was to visit the local pet shelters. We visited Leo Bravo the owner of Pet Patrol. He patrols the areas of Los Cabos looking for any pets that are lost, hurt, helpless or being neglected.

He takes them to his shelter past Soriana and provides them with love, food, medical treatment if needed and brings them back to health, and finally finds new family to adopt them. Most of his expenses are being paid for out of his pocket and the few donations he receives.

We had the pleasure of helping by driving Leo and 2 of his canine friends to visit one of the local Veterinarian clinics. Another way we helped Leo from Pet Patrol was by delivering dog food to the barrios after the storm Lidia. There are so many ways to help the shelters and give back and this is one of my goals to give back where and when I can.

Surprise # 2 was actually making the choice to adopt a one-year old dog that was brought to the shelter as the family could no longer care for it. We also decided to get him a buddy and adopted a puppy.

Not only have they grown to be best buddies but they have added protection for our home. Above all it helped the shelter and has added so much love and happiness to our life. Did I mention a few ripped up cushions? Puppies will do that!

Surprise #3 I am now a cat and dog lover! Now how to keep the cats off my garden …

Speaking of my garden … having always lived in a much cooler and wet climate and never experience gardening in a dry desert climate with mainly dirt, sand and of course desert plants and trees, I learned the hard way by over watering and killing more than a few plants.

Surprise #4 I learned how easy certain plants here can grow, fast. My yard is now being transformed with new plants and trees that I am propagating for free! I hope to share my series I am writing on garden tips, ideas and success with you possibly in future issues of the Gringo Gazette.

Surprise # 5 is writing this article for the Gringo Gazette such a fun, enjoyable and informative newspaper that’s easily accessible all over Cabo and San Jose newsstands and the best part is it's free to read!! Thank for having me.

Feel free to contact me regarding your Real Estate needs as well as anything else you may have questions on in this article.

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