Mixer At Sunio

Everyone welcome at this meet and greet

For the fourth time, the newish organization Rosarito Baja is sponsoring a monthly social and business mixer at the new Sunio Beach Club, which is beach front, inside of Castillos Del Mar Hotel.  Paul Corona, honcho at the Corona Hotel as well as Castillos Hotel, provides the venue, free appetizers, and welcome cocktails. Each event is set up as an open door for community members and business leaders to connect and network with live music, exhibitors and fun.

Rosarito Baja is an upstart group that kind of hijacked the group Yo Amo Rosarito, throwing their mixer at the same time and date as Yo Amo traditionally did, siphoning off the people. That might not have been necessary, as the two groups have a different focus, but that was done, and what’s done is done. Yo Amo has given up for  now.

True to his reputation as being Mr. Nice Guy, Victor Loza, who is president of Yo Amo,  says he doesn’t hold a grudge and that Bart Berry, the force behind the new group, has a right to do whatever he wants.

Meanwhile upstart Rosarito Baja has been moving ahead expeditiously in their short history of just a few months. Now Berry is talking about possibly re-integrating back into Yo Amo Rosarito, but Loza says that’s not going to happen, that he is president and there are no talks underway.

Let’s see: Berry hijacks the people of Yo Amo, then tries to bring “his” people back to the original group? Let’s take a tiny leap here and believe that picture would feature Berry as in charge. Berry’s plan may not work, however, as Loza still has eight months to go as Yo Amo’s president, even though Berry claims he quit the presidency to pursue his sand castle event. Reached at his restaurant for this article, Loza claims that is not true, that he plans to finish out his term as president of Yo Amo.

According to Berry, the Rosarito Baja monthly mixer events have all been run in the black, and even with last month’s torrential downpour putting a damper on things, more than 100 people were there to fog up the windows inside the Sunio restaurant.

  Berry tells us efforts to economize and careful revenue management have yielded a few bucks that are going into the Rosarito Baja war chest to help the organization build momentum and contribute towards production of other events for Rosarito in the near future.

This month’s social and business mixer will be held on June 18th at Sunio again. That’s right on the beach at Castillos Del Mar Hotel, about two blocks south of the Pemex 7/11 complex on the south end of Rosarito.  This event will feature the grand opening ceremonies and ribbon cutting for Sunio Beach Club. There will be welcome cocktails for the first hour, free appetizers, live music from the Amaretto Blues Band from Ensenada with special guest appearance by Mary Flowers (formerly of The Supremes and Wild Honey), as well as local and regional business exhibitors and a fun raffle. There will also be a fashion show with live models. More exhibitors are committing and there are still some spaces left if you have a business and are interested in being represented there. Cost for that is $20.  Contact Lillian at BajaCoastLilly@Yahoo.com or 661-116-2636.

These mixers don’t exactly fit the mold of a traditional business networking event. For one thing, they go until 10 o’clock at night with people dancing.

Berry is hoping to get the new group Rosarito Baja off the ground, and he promises the organization will work for civic projects that are good for the community if they can get the support from that community. So if you are going to leave Yo Amo Rosartito, you might as well show up on June 18th to this new group. Go with the flow, we always say. Sigh. ,