Marco Klein: A Life in Los Cabos

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Marco arrived in Los Cabos at age 14 as his father was called to manage the Hotel Presidente’s opening in 1980. As a child he understood that you have to love the beach and the mountains to enjoy life here, whatever it takes. He learned to take advantage of our strong waves on a surf table and it became one of his passions, which he continues practicing every morning.

In 1996 Marco and his wife Rosaura launched the first Internet server1Cabonet in the region as well as an advertising agency. But he wanted to be the host of the place he had grown up in. That's how he became an independent Real Estate Broker and has sold 246 houses, 123 condominiums and 76 commercial lots (November 2018). As Broker of M&R Marketing and Real Estate he currently represents the sale of the Tropicana Hotel and Restaurant and Ladera San Jose. (

Whether you want to surf or buy a property, contact Marco at cell. 624 1470242.