Liga MAC Throws A Dance Party

Replacing their successful Jazz Festival with something new and fresh

Liga Mac, the charity founded by Mexican, American, and Canadian ladies, (MAC, get it?), has for many years produced a jazz festival as their biggest annual fundraiser. It was a lot, a lot, of work for the volunteer ladies, requiring a lot of logistics getting the pretty big name talent to Mexico and planning for the venue.

This year they’ve come up with a new, fresh idea, that they hope will be of interest to the jazz aficionados who might be getting tired of that, and it will also be cheaper to produce, as they will be using local talent.

Executive director Elva Haro explains that they came up with a sort of sock hop theme, presenting the best dance music from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. Well, maybe sock hops were 50’s and those years don’t seem to be represented here. So the Mac ladies are calling this a retro fest, not a sock hop.

It will be held at the Hilton and will include a cocktail hour, a surf and turf seated dinner, a live auction, and music by the local band Kilometro. Also Cabo DJ will be spinning records.  Cost is $350.00 U.S. per person. Suck it up, Bunky, did we mention this was for charity? No whining about the cost, you’ll sound cheap. They’re selling a block of 10 tickets for a table of, let’s see, 10 people, for $3500.00 U.S. No discount here, we repeat, this is for charity.

But wait! There’s more!

Valet parking is included!

This sock hop will be around the swimming pool at the Hilton. And you want to get there right on time to get your money’s worth, as it all kicks off with a cocktail from 5 to 6 pm with a performance by electric violinist Luciano Pavan. A violin that plugs in, that’s worth being on time for.

But wait! There’s more!

The price of admission includes two bottles of wine per table. That would be per table of ten, which means you get one tenth of each bottle, or a total of one fifth of two bottles of wine. Your best bet is to try and sit with church people who don’t drink. That might require that you mingle at the cocktail party and hook up with anyone you see sucking off a bottle of water.

Oh, wait!

That was the price for VIP tickets. The masses can get in for half that. Allow us to do the math for you. Poor people pay only $150 each ticket, but you ride a bus from the parking lot, you don’t get to see the guy playing his electric violin, and you get just one free drink at the cocktail party. No word on the wine supply at the table, but our guess is you’ll be lucky to get a little Three Buck Chuck. You will get the same dinner in the same poolside location, however.

Although this is not a costume party per se, attendees are invited to wear their favorite decade’s attire. Here’s a chance for you to pull your old leisure suit. And this isn’t until March 11, so start growing that mullet now.


This will make you sorry you whined about the cost

This is a recap of what Liga Mac has done for the comunity in just this past year alone. ACE Scholarship Program. In Summer 2015, they graduated 46 students from high-school and 12 from universities. In addition, they granted 451 scholarships for the school year 2015-2006. The roster of grantees is: 197 in middle school, distributed in nine public schools of San Jose; 204 in high-school, distributed over five schools; and 50 in university, most of them at Instituto Tecnologico de Los Cabos (ITES, for its initials in Spanish).

In addition, they carried out five free-of-charge workshops with the ACE students: ESL; Wings, a workshop for teen females with the purpose to try to prevent drop-out and teen pregnancy; they launched the first edition of Eagles, a workshop for male adolescents with the purpose to try to calm violence; the second edition took place in Fall, 2015. They also implemented the workshop named “I am who?”, a self-discovery program for male and female teenagers. Through these extra-curricular activities, they were able to serve 130 students by offering workshops that are not available at their schools.

Despensa - Basic Needs Program. A total of 324 families were helped with food vouchers in moments of crisis, on a temporary basis. Highlights of the 2015 program include:

a)      A refined screening process (new format, mandatory home-visits, verification of information)

b)     New series of life-skills lectures

c)      New electronic voucher “Si Vale” accepted in all major supermarkets. Like food stamps.

d)     The link to the Adult Education Program

In addition, they helped 488 individuals not qualified for the programs in other ways: orientation, counseling and referral to other agencies, public or private; emergency in-kind donations such as clothing, milk and diapers, etc., temporary use of crutches, nebulizers, and other items.

Medical Assistance Program. A total of 375 individuals gained access to medical aid in the form of medicines, lab/imaging tests, physician care and minor surgeries. They provided aid to these patients who had fallen through the cracks of the national health system, to continue with their treatments.

They had a special case this year, a 25-year-old woman who suffered a terrible car accident in 2014 and needed an extremely complicated surgery to save her life. After several surgeries performed in the national health care system, the young woman had no hope for this last vital surgery to reconstruct her internal organs. Thanks to a collaborative effort along with  H+ hospital, Los Cabos Childrens Foundation, and the patient’s family, she got the surgery and was given a second chance for life. LIGA MAC’s contribution was $6,000 USD

Adult Education They closed the year with 50 active registered students in the local government’s Adult Program (INEA). 60% are clients referred from LIGA MAC’s Basic Needs Program. 16 adults have learned to read, 22 reached elementary level, and 12 are finishing middle education. In summer 2015, one student obtained his elementary school diploma, and three more finished middle school; two of them were able to continue high-school in the regular school system.

Now, aren’t you sorry you whined about donating a measly $300 to go to the sock hop?