Letters to the Editor

May 2, 2016 Edition


Bravo for your stance on local agriculture. Being from the largest area of offgridders in the U.S., and a rabid tree hugger, the first thing I did once I moved to Cabo where I had a roof terrace was, Hubby and I started our container gardening “farm”. Energy efficient, water saving, table-scrap composting, garden. I currently have an amazing herb garden and last fall we started tomatoes, squash, cucumbers etc.. The tomatoes fared well and produced, but the squash and other veggies just couldn’t get past the fall sunlight hours and flowered but never got any veggies. Lesson learned.

In May, I’ll start my summer garden and with lots of sunlight, everything I’m planning should fare well. I’m also growing indigenous plants, as I walk around harvesting grass seeds, tree pod seeds and even have several avocado seeds in various stages. I just can’t stand the thought of throwing out perfectly good seeds.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if alongside all those desert golf courses, you’d see edibles being planted too? And in all green areas throughout the Baja? We tend to forget the amounts of good drinkable water that is spent for recreational purposes vs human consumption. There’s got to be a better way and we should all be looking at everything possible to become sustainable and help other live the same way.

Thank you for pointing out what all of us should know.


Victoria Moate

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I don’t see a section (on your website), where your fans and subscribers can write in and comment on your many wonderful articles

Victor Bolton

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We don’t allow posting on the site by civilians because people got so rude and mean. That’s our job.