Letters to the Editor

February 8th, 2016 Edition

Dear Editor:

When Mr. Mcduck wrote in your January 25 edition of the Gringo Gazette, “What’s up with the peso...”  he correctly describes several problem with the Mexican and world economy.

His suggestion however that Mexico should return to letting foreigners back in to exploit Mexican oil would be disastrous. Why did American colonies throw out the British? A close friend described going to the public library to help his grandmother put her jewelry into a large public pot for the purpose of buying out the foreign oil companies that had obstructed the Mexican Revolution in every way they could.

Developed countries look to developing countries for raw materials and markets to sell their finished products. That’s a master slave relationship. It was not tolerable to Americans who revolted against their exploiters nor the brave Mexican revolutionist who with the inspiration of the American Revolution rose up and said what all nations finally aspire to say “Mexico for Mexicans.”

Lewis Wright

Via email