Letters To The Editor

February 17, 2020 Edition


1). Compiled by the owners of properties at Rancho Migriño Haciendas:  Some of us have owned lots here since 1997. For myself, I bought two lots here because of the beautiful pristine beach. There are currently 13 homes built here.

2). For the last 8 to 10 years we have been fighting to keep ATVs off our beach. Commercial operators such as Carisuva, Amigos and Cactus have operated on our beach. Over the years they have come to realize the importance of this beach, not only for the conservation of sea turtles, birds, plants and other wildlife, but also for the peace and use of the landowners here, as well as fisherman and horse riding. These operators have complied with the wishes of the landowners and Federal Laws and have stopped their operations on our beach.

3). In the last years, there has entered a new company, GForce. They are totally disregarding the law and have even torn down our sign (see photos) and removed all of the poles that we have put up to make folks aware of the restricted beach.  They are running vehicles up and down the beach and destroying turtle nests, killing turtles and leaving tracks on the beach that the turtles fall into while attempting to get to the ocean, thus never making it. Also disturbing the peace and quiet of the beach as they roar up and down it. 

Two years ago my son ( who lives here year-round with his family, including two 9-year old boys and a three-year-old) totally quit going to the beach because of an incident in which one of their dogs almost got hit by a machine, after which he was afraid to take his sons down.

This year, I decided to take some action. I took my iPhone down to the beach on two occasions to photograph the daily activities of GForce. My two grandsons and my wife went with me. We took several photos and videos of this company on the beach. During this time, some of the guides became aware of what we were doing. As we were leaving the beach, two of the guides came roaring up behind us and stopped short, jumped off their machines and were very threatening. They said to me “is there a problem” I at first ignored them and kept walking as I wanted to avoid a confrontation. Then, they yelled, “HEY, is there a problem?” I turned and told them that there was, that they were not supposed to be running their ATVs on the beach. They told me that in Mexico the beaches were open to the public and that they could do anything they wanted on the beach, and I pointed out their misunderstanding of the law and then they got nasty, telling me to go back to the states if I did not like Mexico, called me a ******* gringo and several other names. ( I am from Canada).  They then aggressively approached me, threatening violence against us.  Again, wanting to avoid a physical confrontation with these two thugs, and thinking about the safety of my wife and grandsons, I turned and walked away. They proceeded to call me every name in the book and finally left the scene. Their operations have continued every day since and last night after dark they went up the beach with 15 machines in the dark.

We understand that the beaches are in fact public and we do not mind the horse riding portion of the business, nor do we mind the surf casting fishermen that use the beach (as long as they do not drive their trucks and cars on the beach, which they often do). Fishermen also tend to leave their garbage and fishing line on the beach, which is annoying.


Robert L. Krize

Lot owner, Rancho Migriño

Garbage cans needed

I am a tourist from British Columbia, Canada. My favorite area to visit is San Jose del Cabo. The gardens and street areas are beautifully maintained, except for garbage being tossed all over. I think this problem will not be resolved exclusively through cleaning up this area because it will end up in the same condition in a few days. What I would like to suggest is to install more garbage cans, at least at every two blocks to encourage tourists and local residents to use them.

I have enclosed an article from my Canadian Newspaper (Town of 17,000. Port Alberni, B.C.) It is from a very conscientious Canadian teacher who is also striving to protect the environment. She has offered art students at her local High School a chance to paint garbage cans for distribution in her community. Each student chooses a theme and paints in bright, attractive colors and designs.

I would like to suggest that secondary schools in San Jose offer this opportunity to their students. I feel strongly that tourists and the local people would use these attractive structures. Each garbage can could have the school and student´s name. 

Please consider my suggestion in order to beautify San Jose Streets!!! It will make it more pleasant for locals and tourists.

Yours truly.

Ms. Heather Mallory from Brithis Columbia, Canada.

From the Ed: Around 25 Garbage cans with Cabo decoration were deployed in historic downtown Cabo San Lucas two years ago by the Amigos de Los Cabos group, whose members pitched in money to have them built and painted. To date, the group is in charge of keeping them nice and clean.