Letters To The Editor

July 22, 2019 Edition

Hi David ...

Interesting article about the San Jose estuary.

As you know I have lived in San Jose for almost 30 years, I have, of course, visited the estuary numerous times, at one time we used to walk daily from the Presidente, now the Holiday Inn, to downtown, but the area was so neglected and disgusting that we stopped that long ago.

It is strange that the government has ignored this potentially beautiful area for so long, they seem to think it doesn’t make money so why bother taking care of it?

Birders/ornithologists, may not spend money watching and studying birds, but they stay in hotels, eat in restaurants, buy local items, go fishing /golfing etc., so they are a client base to be respected and considered.

Locals use the area sometimes but, by leaving their crap everywhere, they treat it like a big garbage dump.

In short, the government and locals have always abused the area, but now that a hotel wants to develop the area it's suddenly “save our estuary” how hypocritical!

If the development is to be, as your article says “in the middle" of the estuary, I agree people should be upset, but then also get locals and government to do something, not just whine hypocritically and ask the developer to pay all the costs.

And only now that our population has exploded does the government realize the sewage plant is badly located and totally inadequate. Really? Downtown San Jose stinks, it must be killing restaurants and business operators, the government needs to wake up and do something, tourism is the lifeblood of this area, government and locals need to recognize this and do some planning. Not just react, if not, government inaction is going to kill tourism.

Peter Hatton / Photographer